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The Dawn of the Young Races (Post-B5)

This fanfic takes place after Humans have evolved into the Vorlons and left Earth. However, unknown to them, there were humans were lost in space, frozen in cryosleep. Now, these Terrans (in memory of their home) have constructed their own civilization. A being known only as the Ancient Elder warns the Old Ones that their days are over and the young races shall run the galaxy.

Things to Known:

The Ancient Elder is the last of his race, who were among the very first First Ones. Now, the last of survivor of the First Old Ones, the Ancient Elder has foreseen that the young races are the only hope for the galaxy. He is extremely powerful. He singlehandedily defeated a fleet of New Humans (the evolved humans) from even heading to the Terran Confederation worlds. He believes that the Terrans are the greatest of the young races and sees them the only chance for peace in the galaxy.

Terrans: The descendents of lost human colonists who fled Earth 500 years after the events of Babylon 5. However, they wanted to get away from Earth and the violence, and froze themselves in cryosleep chambers. Unfortunately, a malfunction in their jump engines caused the twenty colony ships to become trap in Jump Space for a million years. Finally, their ships came out of Jump Space and landed on the other side of the galaxy. Now, far from the Interstellar Alliance and the other races, the Terrans have begun new lives in the Age of the Young.

Rakvars: A race of cyborgs, the Rakvars are ruled by an oligarchic technocratic government known as the Rakvar Enclave. The Rakvars were the first race to encounter the Terrans. Despite their differences and arguments, the Rakvars are the Terrans' greatest ally.

Zeorasans: A race of furry bipeds, the Zeorasans are skilled spies, soldiers, scientists, and artists. Amazingly, the Zeorasans are capable of having children with Terrans. However, such children are often Zeorasans. No hybrids! The Zeorasans live in clans and their civilization is called the Grand Zeorasan Alliance.

Xeckiosans: A race of living energy beings, the Xeckiosans are one of the few oldest young races. Using encounter suits to interact with others and their environment, the Xeckiosans are skilled industrialists. The Xeckiosan Collective is their civilization.

Aramudars: A race of silicon-based lifeforms, the Aramudars are known for their deep thinking and slowness. However, their technology is made entirely of crystal. The Aramudar Regency was the second race to encounter the Terrans.

Yuuibreas (singular: Yuuibrea): A race of reptilians, the Yuuibreas come from the Yuuibrea Imperium. They are war-like and are known for berseker-like rages. The Yuuibreas are very aggressive, but can be friendly, when they want to.

Dihtals: Dihtals are a race of insectoids who live in a hive society. The Dihtals are known for their deep love of order and stability. However, they are xenophobic. They are willing to trade new technologies and resources with other races, but if they didn't have to, they would just ignore everyone else.

Lyniassians (Singular: Lyniassi): A race of four-armed humanoids, Lyniassians are a peaceful race that believes in tolerance and peaceful coexistence with nature. Their civilization is built in harmony with the environment. They are also masters of organic technology (i.e. living ships).

Tharicans: A race of feathered bird-like humanoids, Tharicans are skilled pilots and navigators. They are known for their deep love of the arts. They are ruled by the High Priestess of the Sky Mother and the Earth Father.

The Concordia Project: In order to bring peace amongst themselves, the Terrans started the Concordia Project to establish a peaceful method of solving problems. After encountering other races, the Concordia Project was enlarged to further peace among the many races. There have been mixed results from the Concordia Project in relation to peace between the various races and civilizations.

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