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Anniversary of the Column "The Birth of the Babylon 5 Story"

In 1999, J. Michael Straczynski allowed his original notes on Babylon 5 to be released via his Last Word column in the Babylon 5 Magazine (Vol. 2, Issue 9). These notes were the first written record of Babylon 5, made moments after he had his inspiration for the series while taking a shower.

Though the magazine is long gone, on this, the 10th anniversary of this column's publication, he wanted to share the origins of Babylon 5 again. While many fans saw them when they were originally published, he realizes that many more have not.

In addition to the notes, there is a brief introduction that formed part of that column.



  • DarthCaligulaDarthCaligula Elite Ranger
    That's so cool. I'm going to have to buy all the B5 Magazine issues I'm missing some time.
  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    Never knew about this, great read. :D
  • whitestar90whitestar90 Elite Ranger
    Never read this before, thanks Lorien:)
  • FreezeFreeze Disguised as a Trainee
    I mean, like, wow, dudes. :D
  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    in 1999...I hadn't really spent much time on the net. And had no clue this magazine existed. :)
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