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Sleeping in Light

So my wife and I finished the series again last night. The last episode gets me every time.

Here I am trying to be all manly and hold it all in--I've seen it three times before, I know what's coming--but when [spoiler]John lightly places his hand on Delenn's shoulder just before his Sunday Drive, and she immediately spins around and clutches him[/spoiler] I found myself crying again!

It's okay though, because we just got Seasons 1-3 in the mail on Saturday, completing our set, so we can start it over again tonight!


  • SanfamSanfam I like clocks.
    We're all emotional basket cases when it comes to that episode, I suspect. Even Shadowboxer hgas likely shed a tear or two during its conclusion!
  • Personally, I found The Fall of Centauri Prime much more saddening.
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