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...Tricia and I went to our first 'Con, in Overland Park, Kansas. We met Mira Furlan. We asked her to sign our Season 4 booklet, and got our picture (coming soon) taken with her.

She seemed nice enough, but of course it is not an atmosphere conducive to a conversation. Hell, what would we have talked about anyway?!

We had a good time!! Going back tomorrow for Mira's panel. Hopefully there will be some Babylon 5 questions in with the imminent LOST fare. If not, we shall remedy that.


  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    I met Mira a few years ago, she was really nice, although she wasn't well at the time.

    Looking forward to seeing the picture!
  • SpiritOneSpiritOne Magneto ABQ NM
    awesome sounds like a good time. I havent been to Overland in a few years, busy place.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Bah! I've still not been to a Con, so I'm quite jealous!
  • Here's the proof!!

    We went back today for her QA panel. She was much more personable and easy-going today. She still has a great laugh, clearly felt that her time on B5 has been the most enjoyable of her work here in the States, and seems a bit bitter about her experience on LOST. We haven't seen the series yet, but from the way she talked about some things (and declined to talk about others), there was definitely much about it she does not enjoy.

    It was really cool to get to hear her speak, and to ask questions of her! I asked what she enjoyed most about her time on B5 and she immediately replied it was the people. She said the cast got along very well, and still keep in touch to this day. I guess they've tried to get together a little more often because after Andreas, Richard, and Tim Choate's funerals Claudia made the comment that it was the B5 curse that they only saw each other at another's funeral. She also said that she developed a particularly close friendship with Tim Choate, which I found very interesting. Tricia and I were both pleased to hear that the chemistry and comaradarie you see on screen carried through to their personal relationships.

    Yesterday we went to the Clone Wars panel with Ashley Ekstein (Ahsoka), Matthew Wood (Grievous/Sound Editor), and Tom Kane (Yoda). It was pretty good, and informative! Cool to put faces with the names.

    Oh yeah, we saw Lou Ferrigno, too. Didn't talk to him or get his autograph or anything...getting Mira's for 20 bucks was enough for us!

    We had a good time. We found some more Star Wars Galactic Heroes Christmas themed figures for our Star Wars Christmas tree we started this year (secondary tree), I finally picked up Serenity: Those Left Behind, and my wife discovered some old Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty comic books she didn't know existed and picked one of them up.

    I think we'll be doing more of these! WORF, I understand now why you frequent them!! As far as pics with celebs go, I have a lot of catching up to do!!
  • Entil'ZhaEntil'Zha I see famous people
    Sounds like a blast, i JUST saw Mira in something last week, maybe NCIS. Lance Heinrickson was in the same Ep, always love seeing B5 actors pop up in other things.
  • SanfamSanfam I like clocks.
    I just got back from my own Con trip! ICON 29, based out of Stony Brook, NY. I'll have a more detailed story up soon but the summary is that I met Rick Worthy (Simon the Cylon), Tony Todd, Charisma Carpenter, and Ron D. Moore and had a great time hanging out with more geeks than I rarely get to encounter.

    Basically, I love cons now and want to attend as many as possible in the coming years and see as many people as I can manage.
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