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A list of upcoming games for 2012

croxiscroxis I am the walrus

Add XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Firaxis


  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Not a lot in there I'm that bothered about to be honest. The few that did pique my interest were:

    ME3 - of course
    Prey 2 - looks interesting with a different concept. I thought the first was pretty awful to be honest, so this has to be better right?
    Far Cry 3 - again, can't be as bad as the last game surely?
    Alan Wake - sounds interesting, and I've gone off console gaming completely anyway
    Star Trek - might have potential, but not expecting much

    Can't really say any of the others appeal
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    Mass Effect 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines are the only two games on that list that interest me. Even with the latter, I'm taking a wait and see approach.

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown should be on that list too, it was quite a nice surprise to hear that's happening. I'd been thinking about replaying the original again soon too.
  • Still waiting for [URL=""]Black Mesa[/URL] to be released...
  • C_MonC_Mon A Genuine Sucker
    Aliens Colonial Marines (Coop alien hunting sounds awesome)
    Guild Wars 2 (looks promising even if it is not at all like GW1)
    King Arthur 2 (Loved King Arthur 1, with the blend of rpg and total war strategy)
    X:Rebirth (not sure about this one yet, but hopefully it will be good)

    In addition to me looking forward to these games I'm hoping for some fun indie games will turn up.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    [URL=""]Castle story[/URL] is one of the indi ones that amuses me. Kerbel space program might also be formally released this year as well.
  • Oh man, I'm looking forward to Prototype 2. I had a lot of fun playing the original, which is just great if you've had a bad day and feel like being an unstoppable monster going on a rampage.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    I couldn't get into Prototype at all. To me it felt disjointed and clumsy, like it was missing half of the story and you were thrown into it in the middle. It actually was one of a very few games I didn't play to completion, nor even to halfway.

    But maybe that's just me :p
  • Am I the only one still looking forward to the nect part fo Starcraft and Diablo III? I mean Mass Effect 3 is the top entry on my list of course, but I am eager for those as well.
  • Yeah, Prototype definetly had its problems, which I'm hoping will be fixed in the sequel.
  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    I don't know, the last Starcraft release disappointed me so much I might not get the next one. Sure the graphics were good, but the gameplay was boring and the missions were too few.

    Also coming next year is [URL=""]Hegemony: Rome[/URL].
  • There are two games I want in this world: A proper multiplayer/coop rpg like the original Neverwinter Nights, and a space sim where multiple people can crew cap ships together.

    Is that so much to ask? Hell, I'd put the second up on kickstarter and get a studio together if there were interest :p
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    Not much I'm looking forward to right now, but then I have still so much on my back log. In a way it's a good thing, it gives me time to catch up. :)

    I look forward to [URL=""]Flight by Microsoft[/URL], the sequel to Flight Simulator X, but only time will tell if it will be any good, they've changed the business model, you can download the game for free, but you need to pay for additional content.

    Anyway, this also means I will not need to update so soon again. :)
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    There's a new flight simulator from Microsoft?
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    [QUOTE=WORF;194574]There's a new flight simulator from Microsoft?[/QUOTE]

    [URL=""]So it seems.[/URL] I usually don't look that forward to any of their flight simulator sequels because they always make my rigs look bad. :( But I guess I'm still curious. :)
  • errr I don't know if it can be considered a sequel and the jury remains out in terms as to whether or not its a simulator.

    It's being released as free-to-play and as an "intro" to people that haven't played a sim before... So hedge your excitement on Flight until it is released into the wild.
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    Ok, you are probably right, it's not that much of a simulator when compared to say... [URL=""]DCS' A-10C Warthog[/URL], which is also a sim I'm considering right now. I'm not sure where to get it though, as with most sims of that magnitude, you have to deal with a lot of patching and debugging. It probably belongs to last year's line-up but it sure looks interesting though. :) Not too many coming out these days when you stop to think about it.
  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    We also need more Freespace style games and good Master of Orion 4X style games. Those are few and far between these days. Unfortunately those 4X games that come out don't have as alluring play as the original MOO did.
  • I have DCS Warthog and have touched it since the beta for a couple reasons: I preordered not knowing it would go up on steam. Now its a pain in the ass to keep up to date. Additionally, I have a microsoft force feedback 2 for a joystick (which I still love), but for DCS with the shear number of things going on, you really need the TM Warthog stick that they came out with to make the game play well. I've seen them go on sale (infrequently) as low as $250. Might not be a bad investment, it'll be around for years.

    RC if we can get a team together, I have several partially fleshed out space sims that I'd like to make happen. All with an emphasis on cooperative play. My programming skills are still a work in progress and my art skills are nonexistent unfortunately.
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    If I am going to get DCS Warthog, it'll be over Steam. No point in buying a boxed coaster. ;)

    I'm more into RC sim flying right now anyway. Getting better and more confident every day. :)
  • C_MonC_Mon A Genuine Sucker
    [QUOTE=rcmodels;194579]RC if we can get a team together, I have several partially fleshed out space sims that I'd like to make happen. All with an emphasis on cooperative play. My programming skills are still a work in progress and my art skills are nonexistent unfortunately.[/QUOTE]

    Are programming skills not always a work in progress. ;) But I understand your dilemma (as probably most programmers do), I too don't have the art skills required to be able to make my games come to life the way I want to.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Heh me too. I've been playing with a little netcode and planet atmosphere shaders. Man that stuff is hard!
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    I have quite a collection of 3d models of ships I've designed for Chronicles of Humanity.
  • Yeah, I mean I was thinking of using Unity or Unreal for the graphics engine. Scripting, I should be fine with (albeit slow).

    I see gameplay being a cross between Independence War 2, Bridge Commander, and a submarine sim. 3d bridge with actual stations, with a couple people crewing capital ships together. Bridge stations that actually require players to function correctly (targeting, helm, damage control/engineering etc), the ability to launch player manned fighters. Not a quick build, but it would certainly be unique. The emphasis is on coordinated fleet actions.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Sounds a little like [URL=""]Artemis[/URL]

    If you write the game using panda3d you include us linux people :P
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    How come I'd not heard of Artemis before? I've been wanting a game like that for as long as I've liked Star Trek :D
  • I checked out Artemis when PC Gamer did a preview on it. It's a bit shallow from what i experience when i tried the demo. That's where the intricacy of the submarine sim comes in.
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    Well, the last game I bought was Syndicate from GOG.

    And the next two games will be Resident Evil: Revelations and Ace Combat for 3DS. Played the two demos of Revelation's, and especially the one in the eshop feels like returning to the style of the first one. Meaning, I was excited to play it, and could feel a bit scared too, waiting whats happening at the next corner.

    The gameplay works fine, the graphics are great for a handheld. And it just feels fun.

    So, I can honestly say that I for one have been more than happy with my purchase of 3DS.
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