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Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
This is going to read as some kind of shameless plug, but that can’t be helped.

If you liked the B5Scrolls site, and *if* you have a facebook account can you ‘like’ this thing.


I only recently joined facebook, and I never thought I’d read myself writing that, and the other day started posting messages.

Web sites go off line for any number of reasons, and the information they contain can get lost or forgotten as a result. As most of the content comes from some of the artists who worked on the show, I felt it would be a shame if it all disappeared like a fart in the wind when the inevitable happens to B5Scrolls – which is why the whole thing is available to download.

Thing is. Forums like here are a great way to let folks know about that, but this thread will quite quickly drop off the first page of the forum, so most people who might enjoy the content will never see this.

The idea behind the asking for the facebook ‘like’ is not some self promotion dip shit, but to let more folk know the site (or to be more accurate, the information / images on it) exists and is downloadable. The bottom line seems to be that the more ‘likes’ it has the more likely a facebook search on “Babylon 5” will return that page. I don’t think a google search on “Babylon 5” will ever return something like B5Scrolls, even though two sites currently host it.

This is (genuinely) embarrassing as hell to ask, but . . . . .


  • I downloaded the site instead of joining Facebook.

    You are forgiven, though.
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    I think it'll take another half bottle of Vodka before I forgive myself.
  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    [QUOTE=Triple-F;194753]I don’t think a google search on “Babylon 5” will ever return something like B5Scrolls, even though two sites currently host it.[/QUOTE]

    That might actually be counterproductive. I know that when I went to cite your page recently, I went back and forth on which address to link to (I decided on the F3D mirror, and then changed it to the original address after you started pimping it the other day).
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    There’s something else – apart from the F3D version not containing everything. The Madgoner’s site changes location from time to time, so although the address is pretty similar, if you follow some links you can get strange stuff back. Like this one were some of the images appear, and the buttons work but it looks a friggin mess.


    Another reason for making it downloadable.

    The thing was never planned to be a reference site or something containing any kind of real info, and the truth is I neither have the time nor the desire to give it a more permanent online home, and do the full dog and pony act to advertise it. But at the same time, given (some of) the content and the time the contributors put into it, it doesn’t seem quite right somehow to just abandon the thing to it’s fate. Hence the little bit of pinping over the last few days.
  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    Triple-F - take a look here: [url][/url]

    We can host you it if you want. We just need to wake Sanfam up from a nap to set things up :)
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    Already spoke to him a while back. Between not trusting me to try and update the thing ( again ; ) and real life stuff, that's on hold. It's been downloaded a fair bit though, so this mucking around on facebook will be the last thing I do with it I reckon - unless Sanfam wakes up any time soon. ; )
  • JackNJackN <font color=#99FF99>Lightwave Alien</font>
    Shall I just shoot you now? :p
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    Stop, or my Mom will shoot!

    Sylvester Stallone should've gotten an oscar for it.
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    [QUOTE=JackN;194762]Shall I just shoot you now? :p[/QUOTE]
    I'll give you the gun AFTER you put that friggin model of Luc's hybrid fighter together that's only took 2 years so far. ; )

    Actually, as far as the site goes you can shoot me now as I ain't adding anything else to it - probably, no, definetly. Though I just dug up a couple of photo's of the Thirdspace Alien (physical) model that was made.
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    236 ‘likes’ in less than two months– about 200 more than I expected.

    And over 100 new downloads of the site.
    Maybe I should slap it into a book, hmmmm. ; )

    Thanks to all those that ‘liked’ the thing, obviously new fans are finding – and downloading – the site, and the info it contains.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    It still surprises me how many people I meet who even now say that B5 was one of their favourite shows. Mind you, compared to all the crap on tv now, the only way to get decent scifi is to go back a few years :rolleyes:
  • [QUOTE=sinclair;194755]I downloaded the site instead of joining Facebook.

    You are forgiven, though.[/QUOTE]

    Ditto. I don't have a FB account but I have a copy of the site

    If you want to go to the trouble of adding the code for Google's PlusOne button to the scrolls site I'd click that ( [url][/url] ) on a heartbeat, my +1s are public so whatever fraction of people in my circles looked at that list might have a fraction of people willing to download the site.
    Unfortunately I can't plus one the B5 scrolls site unless you add that code... or join G+ so I can plusone your account for the B5 Scrolls site... but maybe that's too much to ask if you just decided to finally join FB, but in case you ever do let me know.

    I've just realized that I have yet to have more B5 related persons and G+ pages in my circles... if I start seeing some more B5 content in my stream I will point out your site when appropriate.
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    Thanks for the suggestion (genuinely) and Facebook is pissing me off big time for a number of reasons.

    If set up for chatting, I’d copy the thing over to Google+ but it’s just a pointer to let folks know it’s there. I’m finished with the site – I did my bit for the fan community, as unintentional as it was. ; )

    To be brutally frank - considering how many fans know what it contains - if more or less the only way people get to hear about it is for me to continually go around forums pimping it, joining discussions to link to relevant parts of the site or having to ride shotgun in social networking sites, then fuck that for a game of soldiers.

    It wasn’t and isn’t an exercise in self promotion but it sure is starting to look, feel and smell like it. ; )

    I’d be happy to provide you - or anyone else - with any information or images to create a google+ account but personally, I’ve had enough of being called a spammer for giving something away free!!!!!!

    I sound angry, but I’m not. I just find it REALLY strange than fans will happily spread the news far and wide of books costing 30, 40 and now 60 bucks a pop that can repeat content already available or 15 year old interviews, but only a tiny handful will ever mention something like B5Scrolls . . . . . . . now I sound like I’m ranting. ; )

    Just discovered photofbucket ; )
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