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B5 Wars stuff

Been awhile since I've played so if anyone wants these let me know:

*Atlas of Earth Alliance Wars (Appendices included)

*Coming of the Shadows (Appendices included)

*Showdowns 1

*Showdowns 3

*Showdowns 4

*Raiders & Privateers

*The Dilgar Invasion (Appendices included)

*B5 Wars 2n Edition Core (Appendices included)


* B5 Station, not assembled or painted

* 2 x Warlock (FA)
* 8 x Hyperion (FA, 2 painted)
* 2 x Omega (FA)
* 2 x Nova (FA)
* 4 x Oracle (FA)
* 1 x Sagittarius (FA)
* 2 x Tethys (FA, glued to base)
* 1 x Poseidon (FA)
* 4 x Oracle (FA)
* 3 x Olympus (FA)
* 3 x Thunderbolts (Not assembled)
* 3 x Starfuries (assembled & painted)
* 1 x Sagittarius (painted)
* 31 x Starfuries (FA)

* 3 x Nial
* 2 x Whitestars (FA, painted)
* 2 x Tinashi (FA)

* 2 x unknown, not sure where I got them. Will throw in as a bonus or take a picture later.

My email is [email][/email]. Feel free to contact me for pricing/shipping.

Books are great for some cannon reading and the models are pretty cool to display.

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