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The Machinist (2004) or Batman's other job!

Some actors tend to go the extra mile to prepare for a role and in this case Christian Bale had to drop to a concentration camp dress size, a whopping weight loss of 63 pounds, at least that's the most repeated factoid of [URL=""]this dark film.[/URL] And yes, his emaciated looks keep you staring and scratching your head throughout the entire length of the movie. The claim is that the character Trevor Reznik hasn't slept for an entire year! My first reaction was, STOP drinking coffee after work you dumba$$!! :D But no, he keeps returning to his favorite (fictional?) waitress every evening to have a cup of Joe and a piece of pie. We later learn that guilt is keeping him from getting sleep. Overall this movie is worth watching although the ending does not really satisfy or pay off. The cinematography is also worth mentioning. A drama through and through. If you are too cheerful, this may put you back on track. ;)
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