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A bit more behind the scenes stuff

Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
Be a few months before this is uploaded to B5scrolls (as part of a reasonably sized update), but here’s a greatly extended interview with the Emmy award winning Kevin Kutchaver.

It’s more for the technically minded and those interested in the early days of the show, the software used, etc. Knew about lightwave, but didn’t realise the importance of ‘After Effects’ when it came to the making of B5.

Contains a fair range of info though – like the jms story that was removed from the season 1 DVD commentary.

Direct link to the interview on the testing system.

Link to the post about this on the facebook page.


  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    I'd wondered about the Long Dark monster. It never quite looked like anything. Too consistent to be hand-animation, too fluid to be early '90s TV 3D character animation, and too weird to be a guy in a suit. So, naturally, it was a little bit of all three.

    And that deinterlacing trick is super-clever. I'm going to have to remember that.

    Looking forward to the big update later on!
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