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First part of the story I'm writing, tell me what you think

Chapter 1
On G'Klten. The Sapphire Palace (Imperial Residence and home of the Tre’Srat)
Prime Minister Farias walked slowly down one of the long marble halls. Duke Nill emerged from a heavy glass and bronze door.
"Good Afternoon Prime Minister"
"And to you"
Lord Staskiewicz came around the corner.
"And how are you, your lordship?" Duke Nill asked, contempt dripping from his words.
"Quite well" Lord Staskiewicz responded sharply and continued on past at a quick pace. The Prime Minister and Duke snickered as they continued on toward the throne room. Lord Staskiewicz could hear them. He halted, standing bolt upright. He set his shoulders firmly, and let out a deep breath. The moment of rage past, he continued on his way.
In another wing of the palace, near the Imperial Throne room and the Quartz Hall, Lord Daniel walked down the marble corridor at a brisk pace. Stopping in front of a bronze bust of a past emperor, he ran his hand over the top of the head. "Don't the retainers ever do their jobs anymore" he said aloud as he looked at the thick dust gray dust that appeared on his black leather glove. "They don't have time with all the Empress makes them do" Lady Jenna said, emerging from one of the small rooms the Tre'Srat used for private meetings. She had her long golden hair pulled back, and looking very official and dignified. The long light blue dress she was wearing swished across the floor as she joined Lord Daniel in walking. He removed one black glove and she did the same with one of the light blue gloves she was wearing. Lord Daniel glanced over both shoulders, and then the two clasped their now bear hands together.
"I was just on my way to see that idiot now.” Lord Daniel said to Lady Jenna.
“There is no reason for us to repaint our ships as she has ordered. They are fine the way they are".
Lady Jenna looked at him rather quizzically. "She ordered the ships of our fleet repainted?" she asked, shaking her head.
"Yes, she did. Bright purple at that" Lord Daniel seemed more then a little annoyed by it. Lady Jenna smiled and laughed "Heh, you can't be serious".
"Quite serious"
"Oh, she's getting worse"
"Yes, she is"
"Well, I wonder what her worshipers are going to humiliate themselves today?" Lord Daniel asked aloud, a rather sad tone in his voice.
"Certainly something even more pathetic then they did yesterday" she responded with a sigh. Reaching the doors to the throne room, the Lord and Lady unclasped hands and replaced their gloves. Lord Mitchel rushed by, huffing and puffing as he went, causing both of them to drop their gloves. Lord Daniel struggled to get his glove back on for a moment, as it had suddenly become too small. Lady Jenna had no trouble wear she usually had to tug a little. Taking a second look at what they were doing, they handed each other back the correct glove, looking into each other’s eyes as they did. Then they both laughed and continued on.

The two guards pushed the ornate doors, made of bronze and intricately cut glass, open with a stiff half bow to the nobles. Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna acknowledged the salute and passed through into the Imperial throne room. The room was well lit, with large windows at the side of the throne, overlooking the palace garden, and the city beyond the wall. Empress Amanda did not acknowledge the two newcomers in the room. She sat, looking quite haughty, surrounded by her four “worshipers”. Duke Nill, Prime Minister Farias, and Lord Georg hovered around the Empress as she sat on the throne. The Duke Nill squinted at Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna in his usual awkward way. Prime Minister Farias had that evil gleam in his eye, as if he was picturing both of them being cut up, simply for his pleasure of hearing them scream and die slowly and painfully. Lord Georg had a similar look, but not quite as evil. More arrogant if less evil.
Both Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna had to stifle laughter at the actions of Lord Mitchel. He was the youngest of the group. And the stupidest, although both Duke Nill and the Empress were close in the running for that title. Lord Mitchel had gained his position when his older, far more competent and impressive, brother had been killed in a shuttle accident a few months earlier. The tragedy of Lord Matthew’s death had been doubled by the appointment of his younger brother to his former post. The Prime Minister had seen to that, probably on the whim of the Empress. Now he showed everyone just what a lackey he was. He bowed deeply, almost doubling over. Head bowed, he spoke to the Empress in a completely servile tone.
"I am sorry I did not arrive earlier, your highness,” he said to her.
"You are forgiven"
"Thank you majesty" he said. Then he stepped forward reverently, and fell to one knee. Empress Amanda slowly raised her right hand, presenting her knuckles to him. Lord Mitchel kissed the imperial ring on her hand in deepest respect. Standing again, he too joined the others surrounding the Empress.
"It is unfortunate not all have the same respect that you have shown" Empress Amanda said, not looking at Lord Daniel or Lady Jenna, but clearly the statement was directed at them. The others nodded their heads furiously in agreement. Everything their sovereign did and said must be correct in their minds. Still far enough away to be out of earshot, Lady Jenna whispered to Lord Daniel "Pardon us for having some pride". He nodded slightly in silent agreement.

After about five minutes, Empress Amanda “noticed” the two of them standing quietly. “You may approach” she said to them, her voice filled with arrogance. They stepped forward, and bowed with as much respect as they could muster. Once again, they stood quietly, waiting for permission from the Empress to continue speaking. She ignored them and continued talking to her collection of lackeys surrounding her. After some time had passed, she removed her thick glasses and handed them to Duke Nill. He frantically wiped them clean for her and handed them back. Placing them back on, she once again looked over at Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna. While the cleaning may have allowed her to see them better, she still did not speak to them. Instead, she rose from the throne, and addressed everyone in the room.
"I am tired. I had done enough for the day. Anything else can wait until tomorrow. I shall retire to my private chambers until dinner". With that, she stepped down from the throne, and, escorted by several guards and retainers exited the throne room, headed elsewhere. Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna were furious. Their anger showed clearly to all others in the room. Lord Georg smirked at Lady Jenna. In return, she shot him a look that caused him to turn away, almost in fear. Her blue eyes could go from being soft and friendly to being icy cold and deadly on command. The two of them exited the throne room quickly, and could hear the laughter of the “Lackeys” ringing in their ears even down the corridor.

Still fuming at being ignored, the two of them continued walking, into the private chambers of the palace. Entering one room, they peered around cautiously, to make sure no one was watching before they went in. Once in, Lord Daniel near slammed the door behind them. Sitting down at a desk, he sent out several private messages through the com system. Once he had completed that, he returned to Lady Jenna, who was now standing by a large window, and was gazing out at the grand avenues of Mukden. By now neither of them was wearing their gloves. Lord Daniel came up right behind the Lady Jenna, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist. Reaching up, he removed the pins holding up her hair, allowing it to fall down over her shoulders. He reached for her outermost robe, and gently began pulling it from her shoulders. Her soft little hand carefully fell on his, and looking up over her shoulder, she gazed into his purple eyes. With a sad half smile, she quietly said, “Not today. Not today”. He nodded in response, accepting what she said. Once again he simply put his arms around her waist, and held her, both of them looking out over the city.
Several hours later, as night began to fall, Lord Daniel and Lady Jenna headed out into the Imperial gardens. Even in late autumn they were still rather lush and green. Small trails were cut between the bushes and trees, and small ornate stone benches were located intermittently alongside them. In several areas, great fountains bubbled and sprayed beautiful patterns, which became illuminated by various colored lights as night fell. The two of them walked along the trails to the meeting place. Once again, they stood hand in hand, although they did not remove their gloves in the chill of the night air. Finally they arrived at a great fountain and sat down to wait. They sat on the cold stone bench next to the turquoise porcelain fountain, watching the colored streams of water dance against the night sky. Lord Vidal walked quietly across the gardens from another part of the palace and joined them a few minutes later, standing against a large tree. A few minutes later, a fourth figure appeared from yet another direction. Lady Missa emerged from the arch cut in the tall hedgerow that surrounded the trail from the main entrance to the gardens. "Where is Lord Staskiewicz?” Lady Jenna asked the others. “He wasn’t able to make it tonight, he sends his regrets” Lord Vidal responded. “Pity, well, we have much to discuss, even if he can’t make it”. “Such as?” Lady Missa asked them. “What are we going to do about the Empress? She’s mad, a lunatic” Lady Jenna said to her. “Kill her” Lord Vidal’s voice was cold and clear as he said it. “We can’t do that. There must be another way”. Lady Missa responded, but she knew that Lord Vidal was probably correct. “What would you suggest then?” Lord Daniel asked her, looking right at her. Lady Missa thought about it for a few minutes. She didn’t want to have someone else’s blood on her hands. “I don’t know. I just don’t want to kill her” “I know you don’t, but some things are necessary. You have served the people well in your department. That is what this is about, serving all the people of our world” Lord Daniel told her, trying to make her feel a little better about the decision. They continued talking about it, a silent agreement reached about the only available course of action.

As they talked, a figure dressed in a dark suit stood in one of the long corridors of the palace. He looked out one of the large windows that lined the halls overlooking the gardens on the fourth floor of the palace. The man stared out, watching this group sitting and talking near the fountain. Down the corridor, Lord Staskiewicz pressed himself a little further into one of the many alcoves lining the passage. The statue in front of him blocked his body from Lord Duffy’s less then observant view, but his presence watching the group put him on edge. He toyed with a small dagger for a few minutes. An older retainer hobbled slowly down the hall, carrying a tray of bowls that appeared to be filled with pudding. Lord Duffy saw the retainer approaching and turned away from the window. He stopped the retainer and took a bowl off of the tray. Walking over to a statue of a now deceased Emperor; he dumped the bowl over its head, laughing hysterically at what he had done. “You like that? Huh, you like that? Yeah you like pudding hair, You like it real good” he said the to the retainer. The retainer was not amused. He looked up at his own bald head, which shined slightly in the light. Pudding dripped down the head of the statue and down the front of it. “Your lordship, I will have to clean that later now. Nobody appreciates your little jokes around here”. Lord Duffy said “oh yeah?” and knocked the tray out of his hands, splattering the other bowls contents across the floor. The retainer stood silently and shook his head. Having had his fun, and completely forgetting about the group in the gardens, Lord Duffy walked on. Lord Staskiewicz laughed to himself. "What a good Minister of Security. Has the attention span and maturity level of a two year old" he said as he put the dagger back in his cloak. The old retainer sadly wiped the pudding off of the statue. As he did, he muttered “Paldiri, he will get what’s coming to him. Where are your comets now, milord?”

Edge of Kh'Irsh Empire territory...

The kilometer-long Theory warship cruised with a strange internal silence as it coasted through space. For weeks, it's AI had been hunting down a trail of reports, tales, and myths regarding an old Empire, which ruled in this area. The name it had been able to obtain was "Kh'Irsh", and it was known that this Empire resided somewhere around here.

So, the great curving ship, looking more like a pleasure cruiser than a battleship, swept towards a new race with all-new possible experiences...

Chapter 2

Three warships glided through space, passing an asteroid field on the border of Kh'Irsh space. The silver and green ships glinted dully against the black abyss of space. The Arthurian class Heavy Cruiser and two Pawlan class destroyers patrolled the sector, looking for any disturbances, on their way to Pulcrat 9. A few Fighters surrounded the battle group as they plowed on toward their destination. On the bridge of the cruiser, the battle group commander sat, not particularly interested in what was going on. The man was a little larger then average, but not by much. He yawned and scratched his small dark goatee. The commander began to nod off in the quiet hum of the command deck. The occasional burst of power from the massive thrusters was almost unnoticeable to a long time commander. The ensign looked over at the commander. He was already asleep in his chair, head rolled to one shoulder, glasses sliding down almost off his nose. The ensign looked back to his control console “Ensign, you have the bridge” “Thank you sir. Enjoy your nap” he said to himself as he checked the system diagnostics for the one thousandth time in the past three hours.

Suddenly long-range scanners picked up an unidentified object. The scanners alarm went off, jolting the Commander awake. He sat up with a start, nearly falling out of his chair and losing his glasses off his nose. Regaining control over his person, he began to react to the situation. On the bridge of the Cruiser IFS Gawain, the commanding officer watched the monitors as his ships approached. “Commander, one ship bearing Zero Seven Nine. Configuration unknown” the ensign said looking up from his display. “All ships, sound general quarters. Prepare for first contact situation” the commander ordered. “Yes sir”. All three ships went to full alert. Crewmen tumbled from their bunks and other activities, making their way to their battle stations. In the launch bays, fighter after fighter launched into the vacuum of space. As they came clear of the bays, pale blue bursts of light from the thrusters lit the dark void as the fighters used their thrusters to alter their course. "We won't take any chances,” the Commander said, speaking to all of the ships and fighters. “No one fire unless fire upon. Ensign, Open a channel to the ship" “Yes sir, attempting to open a channel now”. The ensign entered several commands into his console.” Bridge to Communications. Open a channel to unidentified vessel.” After a moment, the Communications officer returned a signal to the bridge. The ensign turned to the Commander who was seated in his chair in the middle of the command deck. “Online sir. If they are listening, they will hear us”
"This is Commander Sirois of the Kh'Irsh Empire to Unidentified Vessel. Identify yourself and state your intentions"

On G'Klten
Sapphire Palace

The entire Tre'Srat and the heads of the various departments of the government sat in the Quartz Hall. All of the nobles and department heads nervously awaited the Empress. Her mood and attitude varied from moment to moment, never mind day to day. Now she kept them all waiting for her arrival. Lord Daniel sat with the other members of the defense council, as he was Minister of Defense since his exploits in the break away of Deccar 23. He sat tapping his foot over and over, folder of reports and information in front of him, going over his arguments that he was going to use against the repainting of the ships. Lord Vidal sat beside him; several electronic note pads containing intelligence information sat on the table before him. He looked equally annoyed at being kept waiting. Across the central aisle, Lord Staskiewicz sat reading over the notes on what the meeting was about. The sound of several hundred conversations just slightly below being audible filled the hall. Lord Daniel looked across the hall to where the Tre’Srat minority speakers sat. Lady Jenna was tapping a pen over and over on the desk before her. Their eyes met momentarily, and they both shrugged.

The doors on the far end of the hall opened and two palace guards entered the hall. The room suddenly went silent. The Empress entered behind the guards, shuffling in short quick steps like she always did. Prime Minister Farias followed, as did Lord Georg, who did his odd “penguin waddle” over to take his seat as the speaker for the Tre’Srat majority. He glared at his chief opposition in every debate, the speaker for the minority, Lady Jenna. She didn’t even bother to acknowledge his existence on the planet, never mind in the room. All of the members of the Tre’Srat and departments rose from their seats. Duke Nill looked them over to see that they were all standing. He was a “personal advisor” to the Empress. Rumor had it he wanted to be much more then that for her, but even she wasn’t that stupid. Other then his advising, he was completely useless, although he didn’t see it that way. The Empress took her seat facing the entire Tre’Srat. "You may take your seats now,” she announced to everyone in the room. They all did. The Empress spoke first.
"Now, Prime Minister, before we begin, I have a few pieces of business to take care of"
"Of course, your majesty" Prime Minister Farias responded with a graceful bow.
"First off, Representative Roberts" the empress called out.
"Yes your majesty" he said as he stood.
"You are no longer needed here, please exit" Her tone was harsh and cold as she spoke.

Lord Roberts stood in shock, not knowing quite what was happening or quite what to do. Lady Jenna looked equally shocked. Lord Roberts was one of her more talented and well-spoken Centurons. It wasn’t so much that the empress had made her minority even smaller, it was the open way she did it that caused the most amazement. Of course, there was no uproar from the rest of the Tre’Srat. She didn’t expect there to be one. The Empress struck fear into most, if not from her power, then from her madness. Lord Roberts closed the folder in front of him and picked up his case, a look of sadness and fear on his face. He trudged away, head hung low, shoulders slumped. As he exited the rows of seats, he looked at Lady Jenna in desperation, hoping she could stop what was happening. The look on her face said everything. In this case that meant she could do nothing. Her frown was filled with despair, this would be a losing fight, but she would try anyway. Lord Roberts was nearly out the door. Lady Jenna stood up behind her desk and began to speak out in protest. “Your majesty, this is-“.

Duke Nill cut her off in mid sentence. "The Empress has made her decision, there is nothing to discuss". Lady Jenna began again. “Your majesty, what-“. Again Duke Nill cut her off. “The Empress’s wise decision is final. Sit down and stop interrupting your sovereign.” Duke Nill squinted at her, and tried to straighten up from his usual hunched posture, trying to look as impressive as possible. He failed miserably in trying to look impressive, but did manage to convince her to stop protesting. Lord Roberts exited the hall as she sat back in her seat, totally defeated for the moment. Lord Georg snickered from across the room, and Duke Nill swelled with pride having defeated a member of the Tre’Srat in verbal combat. His victory was to be short lived. Lord Daniel then stood up, nearly jumping out of his chair, pounding on his desk as he did. "Shut your mouth, you insolent puke. You have no right to speak in Tre’Srat proceedings. You have no right to even be in the Quartz Hall during Tre’Srat proceedings. Hell, you don’t even have the right to call yourself a Kh’Irsh!” He was shouting by this time. Empress Amanda and Duke Nill were livid at Lord Daniel’s last comment. “Duke Nill is my personal advisor. I say he can be here, so he does have the right to be here” the Empress responded to his outburst. “MY apologies, your majesty, I was not aware outsiders were allowed in here. Forgive my ignorance” He was clearly not a happy man at this point, but he composed himself and continued. ”Your majesty, I'm sure you have a good reason for removing Lord Roberts from the Tre’Srat". She looked at him for a second, and then turned away, saying, "I don't like him anymore. Therefore, he had to go"
Lord Daniel looked at her as if she’d grown three heads. Shaking his head, Lord Daniel sat back down, fingers clenched into fists. Duke Nill squinted at him, eyes bugging out, very pleased at the outcome of the second protest.

“Secondly” Empress Amanda continued as if the last outburst had not occurred. "We will not be allowing any Aliens into our space anymore. Its time we got rid of them. We need to begin re-conquering our lost colonies. We can't build up our forces with all these aliens prowling around". Lord Daniel looked at the other members of the Defense council, and then at Lord Vidal. To Lord Vidal he said, “Did I hear her right? Something about re-conquering lost colonies?” Lord Vidal nodded affirmatively. “Yup, you hear right”. This was too much. Lord Daniel began shouting again, this time not even bothering with the usual formalities. "Re-conquering our lost colonies? Are you out of your mind? Are you really willing to risk 200 years of peace for bloody conquests?" Empress Amanda looked over at him as if he were a fly buzzing around the hall. Not much of a concern but annoying enough to notice. “Yes, we will re-conquer our long lost colonies. And we will be successful.” She paused and looked straight at Lord Daniel. He returned the stare coldly. “Unless of course you don't feel that our military is capable of such feats, in which case you've let it rot to pathetically low levels” the Empress continued. Lord Vidal, sitting behind Lord Daniel muttered “Her sanity has rotted to pathetically low levels” and rested his jaw on his hand, listening on in disgust.
“Our fleet is capable. Granted it would take at least five years and cost millions of lives, but we could succeed in the end. But why? Why now?" Lord Daniel asked her openly.
“Why not, the sooner we regain our former power, the better” She spoke with an air of righteousness when she uttered the last part, as if she were the wisest woman in the universe.
Her "lackeys" looked at Lord Daniel with the look hungry sharks that have spotted prey. He shrugged of the glances like rain off a slicker. Gathering his materials, he quietly stood up and walked out, not saying a word. Lord Vidal and several members of the Tre'Srat followed them. Lady Jenna could not leave but looked longingly after them. Lady Missa and Lord Staskiewicz stayed put as well, not knowing quite what to do.

The meeting of the Tre’Srat continued on for several more hours. Empress Amanda and her idiot advisors rode roughshod over every reasonable proposal brought up by the minority. Her campaign against the aliens and her fleet build up to take back the lost colonies passed, half out of fear, half out of agreement with her philosophies. Even if the Tre’Srat had voted them down, she would have gone ahead anyway. It made life easier just to go along with what she wanted up front. Lady Jenna didn’t even bother resisting after a while. Lord Staskiewicz attempted several arguments, but all of them were shot down. The minority gave up entirely and fell silent long before the end of the meeting. The nobles and the Empress had won the day, as they always seemed to do. It had been like that ever since the disturbed little girl had gained power from her Regent when she came of age.

At the end of the meeting, the Empress and her lackeys exited through their personal entrance and the members of the Tre’Srat went out the regular doors. Lord Daniel and Lord Vidal were waiting outside the doors. Lady Jenna, Lady Missa, and Lord Staskiewicz quickly joined them and they walked out. As they did, a Centuron from the Diplomatic Office, Centuron Arith joined up with the group. They all exited the main palace building and passed through the large gate in the great tall wall that stood around the palace grounds. The Guards at the gate and on the ramparts did not even take notice to them. They weren’t really important, and nobles came and went as they pleased. Leaving the palace grounds, they walked out into the broad avenues of Mukden, which was by now lit after the fall of night. They walked down one of the main parade avenues that led from the palace to the great memorials and state museums. Directly ahead of them was the memorial rotunda to “Little Spitfire”, as Empress Sara had become known. Already they could feel the chill of winter in the cold autumn air as they walked towards the magnificent structure. Its great crystal dome was illuminated in the night, throwing a warm golden light into the cold darkness. A gust of wind blew down the street, and fallen leaves swirled around them as they kept walking. Lady Jenna shivered and Lord Daniel quickly draped his long military overcoat over her shoulders. Smiling a little, she pulled it a little tighter around her small frame. The others simply accepted this without question.

Lord Vidal spoke first, "We must get this done. If we wait any longer we may run out of time". They all nodded in agreement. “She upped the ante today. Now we have to keep our world standings as much as we need to cure the disease that has infected the palace" Lord Daniel added. “The only way to cure this disease is to cut the whole infection out, the roots along with the surface,” Lady Jenna said in a very cold, if not resentful tone. “I understand how you feel about what happened, but that’s the past. We can’t kill everyone without justification. They do their jobs like their supposed to” Lord Staskiewicz, the most politically adept of all of them responded. “Your right. Just the problem right now. The rest is just bitterness,” Lord Daniel said. Lady Jenna was not pleased “Humph. We’ll see who’s right in the long run” “We always do” Lady Missa answered her. Lady Jenna’s glare worsened Lord Daniel cut off the argument any further “You all know what to do. We move in two days" They all agreed entered the Rotunda.

The return signal was audio with a strange blue-white shimmering crystalline image for the video. The words were of the Kh'Irsh Language but had a strange, almost shimmering, quality to them. "Kh'Irsh? Excellent! I've been searching for you for months! Oh, pardon me. I am Grail, control entity of a Defender Ship of the Theory, on exploration duty. I've spent this time looking for you because we have met with very few major space faring empires. Most races we meet haven't even discovered chemical rockets yet.

"Anyway, we seek to meet new races and civilizations because of the new opportunities for interesting experiences they present. Every culture has wonderfully diverse quirks and opportunities we can experience. Um... Well, as one of the primitive space faring races put it, the Theory are intergalactic thrill seekers, seeking any new thing to learn and do. We have no wish to inconvenience you. We just want to try new things."

Commander Sirois sat back, almost mesmerized by the image. “Commander, how should we respond sir?” the Ensign asked him as he stood in equal wonder behind his console. “Sir? Your response?” the ensign asked again. “Well, in the movies, this is usually that part where we die” Commander Sirois finally said. “Definitely, but what is our response Sir?” the ensign was beginning to look worried. “Ensign, send this message-"Attention Alien vessel. Your timing for such a first contact is poor, due to the political climate of the Homeworld. Despite this, if you wish, you may follow us to the transfer point off Pulcrat 9 and from their we will se about getting you to G’Klten, our Homeworld”. After a moment the response came back, in the same strange shimmering as before. “Affirmative. Lead on Commander”. On the bridge, Commander Sirois turned to the Ensign. “Jump to Hyperspace. Alert our new guests to follow”. “Yes sir” Space before the ships was twisted and distorted as the ships activated their jump engines. Four yellow swirling portals were ripped through normal space into the strange red and black currents of Hyperspace. The three warships and the alien vessel passed through. “Full speed, home in on the beacon to Pulcrat 9” “Yes sir, homing in. ETA three standard hours.

On G'Klten
Sapphire Palace

A heavy rain beat against the great windows of the palace. It came down in sheets of icy late autumn rain, the precursor to the long winter approaching. Even the long corridors of the Sapphire Palace seemed to be a little colder then usual. The "lackeys" were all in the throne room, surrounding their beloved Empress. What stupidity they were planning was unknown, but certainly it would be bad for the Empire. Duke Nill had spoken of leading the great fleet himself in the battle against the Ancient Enemy. Lord Daniel had not appreciated this, but had accepted it as the way it would be if something weren’t done. In her room, Lady Jenna pulled a dark cloak over her blue dress. Walking over to an old ornate wooden dresser, she opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a sweater. Underneath it was a short sword, a very old blade that had come down through the family, although its heritage had long been forgotten. Placing it into the folds of the cloak, she stepped out of her room. Her footsteps were softer then usual, although she didn’t even notice. Her furry white slippers made far less noise then her normal shoes. Not noticing her footwear, she continued on towards her destination.

Lord Staskiewicz came down another corridor, a PPG pistol hidden in his jacket. As he went, Lady Missa joined him, unarmed but still present. They continued on, heading down the grand central staircase. Several nobles were there as well, but they didn’t appear to notice the two of them. Everything seemed normal at the moment. No one did anything to stop them or question them. Why would they? There was nothing unusual about this, although the absence of Lord Staskiewicz wife may have made a few of them suspicious. Then again, Lord Staskiewicz was known for seeing more then one lady at a time, so it was nothing out of the ordinary.

At the main entrance, Lord Duffy dashed in out of the rain. Soaking wet, he paused for a minute to catch his breath, a puddle of cold water forming at his feet. A section of the wall beside him opened up and a retainer exited the small passageway. “Go alert the guards that we’re under attack!” Lord Duffy ordered him. The old retainer simply stood there and smiled. “Yeah you like dying, You like dying real good” the retainer responded, and then laughing, slammed the door closed as Lord Duffy lunged at him. He beat his fists on the wall momentarily until he heard the sounds from outside. The sounds of running men a few bursts of PPG fire. Realizing the danger was far closer then he thought it would be by now, he raced toward the throne room to alert the Imperial Court of what was about to happen.

Captain LordRegent
The American Fleet
EAS Patriot

Combat Infantryman
D Company, 2nd Ranger Bn, WWII Living history organization
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