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Brother Michal Cronicals- 3265

Brother Michal Chronicals- January - 3263

I feel a little better after speaking to brother Alwyn, I had not concidered the possibility that the Rangers could already be here. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if they are already here. Of course I may just be embracing some wild fancy, but I can't help but wonder.
I ment what I said to my brother, I have dreamed of flying from star to star, to see what is there, to see the Planet "Epsilon 3" where the documents say the Inter Stellar Alliance was formed. To see the Homeworlds of the Narn, the Centauri, Minbari, Drazi, and all the others. But I do not think I ever will be able to. My life is short on Earth, this is one thing I know for certain. Manuscripts will not get me to the stars, only technology can do that, and right now the technology we have isn't enough to make a light without fire.
Something was bothering brother Alwyn, I'm certain of it, when I nocked on the door I heard him talking to himself, and he seemed very jumpy when I first entered the room. I do hope he is alright, perhaps I shall ask him later about it.


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    Cool. Bur it was January 2, 2262, The thousanth annyversery of the ISA.

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