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B5 Story

RhettRhett (Not even a monkey)
Since this place has been dead for months, I decided to do another B5 story (one that will be easier to do a plot for). Hope someone will come check it out. But anyways, here is the info:
TITLE: ???
RATING: PG or PG-13 (for language)

Comments are welcome! Here is the story:

Chapter 1


Moving with the grace of a bird, the Whitestar moved around to the dark side of the moon. Swooping past the EA Omega Destroyer the Whitestar turned and prepared to swing towards the Earth. Using the moons gravitational pull was not needed, but was rather a showy move by the captain. Moving back towards the blue ball of Earth, the Whitestar’s captain came face-to-face with the enormity of the fleet amassed before him. Over 4 Warlock Advanced Destroyers were in orbit, along with an escort fleet of 20 Omega Destroyers and 14 Hyperion Cruisers. On patrol were over 20 squadrons of Starfuries and T-Bolts, with many more waiting inside the bellies of the starships. There was also, of course, the ISA fleet sent to help protect Earth from the enemy. This fleet consisted of over 20 other Whitestars and a Victory Advanced Destroyer.
Captain Paul Orion stood on the bridge of Whitestar 245. He was admiring the beauty of the fleet before him when, the intercom crackled. “This is Earth Alliance Commander Alvares to EA and ISA fleets. We have just gotten word from our fleet at Durani 5 that they are under attack. Whitestars 157, 245, 33, and 55 go and investigate, along with The Damocles and The Concord. Keep the colony from falling into enemies hands, and Godspeed.”
Captain Orion moved quickly. “Break away from formation. Prepare to jump.. Jump!”
An orange colored vortex formed in front of the Whitestar. From his counsel, Captain Orion could see three other Whitestars breaking away, along with two Omega Destroyers.
As Whitestar 245 moved through the jump point, Captain Orion muttered, “And so it begins.”

Chapter 2

Durani 5.

The battle was going badly. Whitestar 267 was gone, spinning down toward Durani 5, the back portion separating from the front. The Gemini was going on another attack run, only to be sliced apart by deadly fire.
“This is The Gemini to The California. going for Good luck, Mark. .”
“Sir, The Gemini is going to ramming speed! Oh my…”
“This is The Gemini, and we will see you bastards in hell…”
On the main screen of The California the crippled Gemini, its rotating sections ripped off of it and leaking oxygen, moved towards the Centauri Vorchan Cruiser. The Vorchan still hammered its pulses of fire into The Gemini, with very little effect. In a brilliant explosion, the Omega Destroyer rammed into the Vorchan.
Captain Mark Richards of The California watched in defeat as the last of the defenses defending Durani 5 fell. There were still 3 Vorchans left, along with over 5 squadrons of Sentri fighters.
“Fire all weapons! Order Starfuries to make another run on that Vorchan! Damn it, where are those reinforcements!”
“Sir, jump point forming!”
“Good, tell the Omegas to-”
“They’re not ours, sir!”
“Oh my…”

Chapter 3


“Prepare to jump into normal space. Whitestar 157, you’re my wingman. Concord and Damocles move to defend the colony. The rest of you, run attack runs against the enemy. JUMP!”

Durani 5.

Three blue vortexes formed, and out came the human fleet. Before them lay the remnants of the Earth Alliance fleet. Captain Orion could make out the name of the wasted Omega in front of him. The Gemini. Farther out in space lay the wreckage of a Whitestar, alongside the wreckage of a Vorchan.
“Is there anything here?”
Sorry sir, we’re too late. No signals from anywhere. Looks like the colony has been destroyed. Centauri fleet is long gone.”
“Whitestar 55 move to investigate the colony. Everyone else, scanners at full, see if we can find any survivors. Give me a Gold Channel to Commander Alvares.”
“Yes sir.”

“Commander, I’m sorry, we are too late. Centauri fleet has jumped, Allied fleet is destroyed.”
“Damn it to hell. The colony?”
“Sorry sir, Centauri destroyed it.”
“No survivors?”
“Not yet sir. We’re still looking.”
“Standby for further orders.”
“Yes sir.”

“Continue the search for survivors…”

There you go.


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