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A little story I wrote

Here is my first attempt at Bab 5 Fan fic hope you enjoy. Any and all comments are welcome.

Dear pouch brother,
This will probably be the last correspondence you receive from me in a while; as for obvious reasons communication from here to Narn will be difficult and very costly for a time. Funny how the universe works sometimes, you try and do a good deed and look what happens to you. You end up stranded on an alien world with a death sentence hanging over your head. Curse the damn Centarui for getting me all riled up so I had to join the navy and avenge my ancestor’s deaths. Everything is there fault you know, but I digress. Since T’lar didn’t tell you the specifics of how I was stranded I’ll enlighten you. We arrived in orbit just in time for the fight (I was against the decision to join the fleet, after all did they lift a finger when the Centarui had their boots pressed against our jugulars?). I had just gotten into my Frazi when the enemy jumped in. Let me tell you the vids do not give justice to how vicious this fight was. Although that is to be expected when 2 fleets this large clash. My squadron feared well, I myself had 4 kills in just 20 minutes. We had just help toast another cruiser when fleet command noticed that a group of enemy fighters had broken through the defense grid and was heading to the surface. We being the closest squad were ordered to intercept them before they did too much damage. It took a while to intercept them since the Frazi is not exactly the fastest craft in the fleet. But we did over a mountain range in the Western Continent. The battle was fierce, and the enemy skilled. It was at this point that I realized that the enemy fighters were using similar tactics that the Centarui used in the last war; very strange indeed considering that the Centarui had nothing to do with this fight. That realization allowed a fighter to get the drop on me. Now the Frazi is a fine fighter in space but in an atmosphere is maneuvers like a drunk Pak’mara. I evaded but he eventually got me, and I had to eject over a city. I deployed my parachute and watched as my beloved Frazi crashed into a field. I landed in a park of some kind and was immediately approached by a group of locals. They got me a COM device that I used to contact my carrier. Unfortunately the enemy had launched some sort of counter attack and all the COM lines were either jammed or full. The locals gave me some food and I swear it flarn! How they were able to cook such a delicate dish with out any ingredients from Narn is beyond me. After the meal I received news that the main enemy fleet had been neutralized. I thought I might be able to get a signal back to base but as I was about to open the channel I heard screams. I looked up and saw a black cloud spreading across the sky. The Humans that I was with all looked at me for an answer, all that I was able to say was: “By G’quan the Drahk got their revenge after all.”

Thought it would be interesting if this story was told from a diffrent perspective.

"Ambassador we all know that the first casulty of war is the truth."
-John Sheridan


  • Interesting so far. Keep at it. [img][/img]

    Pilot Officer Anla'Shok D. Nicol
    1st Squadron RSF
    Second to None.
    "If you value your lives, be somewhere else" - Delenn
  • AurekAurek Earthforce Officer
    Wow, very good story, keep it up [img][/img]


  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    Nice but one little thing. Flarn is a Minbari food. The Narn dish of choise is Breen
  • MessiahMessiah Failed Experiment
    Yes, good story. Hope to be reading more...
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