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To all you storywriters.

I am from the Freespace 2 Mod Team.
We are doing a Babylon5 total conversion for Freespace 2 : [url=""][/url]

Perhaps you know the game.
We want to have campaigns (20-30 missions each) for ALL the important races.
So I ask myself if YOU are willing to write a storyboard for a whole campaign.
If we accept it we will make YOUR campaign, including speech and perhaps even animations.

Make a script for each mission of your campaign, tell us what happens in each mission and even write the texts for the comm-transmissions .

If you know the game and are interested in this, contact our Devteam. Write me :


  • What kind of stories are you looking for?

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  • Storyboards and campaign plots. Write a story and the scripts for each mission telling this story. We will eventually make a campaign of it, or at least take it as inpiration.
  • Campaigns for ALL important races?? Meaning what, that you plan to allow the player to choose say, Minbari campaign, Narn campaign, Human campaign etc., 20-30 missions each?

    I have some ideas on a Narn campaign...

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    Just how deep into Babylon 5 does this go? What time period? Is Babylon 5 a base for gameplay (ships, tech, etc only), or are you using the main characters, etc? The reason I ask is that while I may be able to write, I've only seen about 13 episodes of Babylon 5 (which will certainly change when the show is released on DVD). I can come up with an interesting campaign, but just how much liberty is there for what you want inthe campaign? There's still a lot that remains unanswered, though I do hope to be able to help you out in one way or anyother.

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  • Well, the time period does not matter.
    Eventually there will be more than one campaign for some races.

    1. The campaign is not allowed to contradict with anything seen in the show. So, you can freely invent the plot, but
    2. you should make it clear WHEN your campaign takes place , so everyone knows what's the political situation.
    If it is during the EA-civil war , the last phasse of the shadow war, the narn aggression , the centauri retribution or even during the time of the interstellar Alliance dealing with the Drakh.
    3. For special ideas ( e.g. appearance of special characters ) talk to us if we can help along with Animation and sound files during the Briefings / missions.

    Visit our website !
    ome to the forum at ( link can be found there )
  • I have a large ISA plot, takes place right after Crusade/during crusade...I offered it to B5FSF, but I never got a responce back...I could e-mail it to you if you want...(It's good, and fits in with the babylon 5 plot)

  • Sure , send it , but actually we will take it as suggestion , a response could also require time.
  • Not a single story for the mod?
    Or did one of the suggestions actually make it to the mod?

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