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Aliens Story

RhettRhett (Not even a monkey)
Ok, this is not a B5 story, but I figured I would post it here anyways. Please tell me what you think. Thanks.
Rating: PG13
Update List:
7-18-02 First Chapter updated, Second Chapter added

Tainted Earth
Chapter 1

Date- January 24, 2231
Time- 6:30 A.M. Local
LV156, Secret Weyland-Yutani Research Center

The dawn slowly came to LV156. A dense rock that rotated slower than Earth, LV156 was a planet of extremes. Colder that the Artic during the night and hotter than Death Valley during the day. It lacked any indigenous flora or fauna that could interfere. That was one of the reasons the company had chosen here. For several months the Company had been researching the pheromones that the aliens secrete. One of the lower interest bio-weapons research projects that were funded and organized by the company.
* * * * *

“Well gentlemen, I believe we have a deal”, Carol Winton said. She was about two miles outside the research center. Around her stood two men. One was dressed in a suit and had a very clean appearance and the other had long hair and a small tattoo on his hand.
“We shall pay you well for this, Carol”, said the man in the suit.
“You better. Even though we have limited contact with the Company, it will be hard to cover for the first few days. After that, we should be in ok shape.”
* * * * *

John Carter woke up to the incessant beeping of his clock. John was a balding man, with gray hair. Coming into his late fifties, he had worked as a researcher for almost twenty years. He looked out the small porthole that revealed only a sliver of the horizon. John shook his head, trying to wake up. “I’m not paid enough for this”, he mumbled. After taking a short shower in the cramped commons, he got dressed in his lab gown and stumbled towards the lab.

“Good morning John”, said Carol. Carol, the lab technician, was a small lady who had been there almost since the beginning.
“Any word from the Company?”
“Yes, it’s waiting on your desk.”
“Finally, this satellite is screwing all of our transmissions up. Why won’t they come put another one out, one that isn’t out of range 80% of the time…?”
John shuffled over too his desk, and picked up the note. It read:
Re: Request for more security
We are sorry Mr. Carter, but the Company does not deem your research to need extra security. Although your work on the Alien pheromones is valued, the Company has many other higher risk areas of research. The Company also does not have the resources to place more satellites in the area. You will have to survive with what you have. Please report any discoveries as soon as they are achieved.
“We are doomed, Carol. This is folly.”
“Yes it is John, but that is what I was hoping for…”
“What! What are you talking about?”
“I’m sorry John, but we have no need for you anymore.”
In one swift move Carol pulled out an M-4A4 handgun and shot John in the head. The door opened and two men with long hair and tattoos on the back of their hands walked in. The tattoo was of an alien tail.
“This facility is now ours, gentlemen.”

Tainted Earth
Chapter 2

Date- February 20, 2231
Time- 1:00 P.M. Local
LV156, Secret Weyland-Yutani Research Center

Carol Winton opened up the pen. She said into a microphone, “Live Test number 13, Subject Karl Wayne, a captured guard. Subject has been sprayed with experimental spray K193. This video is captured by several cameras in the pen. Start recording.”
The monitors in the observation dome light up to show an open area with the ground covered in dirt. The pen has two doors, opposing each other. One is smaller, which has an airlock setup. The other is two combined doors. One, large enough to fit an APC through, with a regular sized door. In the center of the room there is a crumpled figure that is slowly waking up.
“Test subject is coming too right now. Releasing xenomorph now. Begin recording both audio and visual”
“-out of here! Please, I beg you. Oh God, no! No!” The video pans over to zoom in on the alien. It bares its teeth and begins to hiss. As it slowly moves towards the man, he frantically looks about for an escape. Only there is none. The alien stops and swivels its head around. It hisses again and heads strait to the man.
“Oh, please!! You will die for this! Damn you Carol, you crazy-”, at that point the alien spears the man. Blood gurgles from his mouth.
“Test subject Karl Wayne, killed after 5 minutes and 23 seconds. Recording off. We’re getting better. That’s a four minute improvement over last time. We might be able to pull this off.
* * * * *

Date- February 27, 2231
Time- 3:43 P.M. Local
Planet Danteus, Colonial Marine Corpse Base

Sergeant Jim Carl Denton moved swiftly through the brush. A man of 24, Jim had seen plenty of combat in his life. Born on Earth (something that very few could claim these days) Jim joined the Marines as soon as he turned 18. With coal black hair and a bulky frame (which was surprisingly nimble) Jim was a physical marvel. The only thing that detracted from his appearance was a large acid scar that ran down his arm. He was involved in the quelling of the LV225 revolt and also became one of the first men to encounter an alien. This is why he had stalled at sergeant. He was deemed a rogue and unruly. However, he was fairly content with his position. He never wanted to go back to LV225.
* * * * *

Date- June 4, 2229
Time- 9:43 P.M. Local
LV225, Rebel Colony

Planet LV225 was a cold, wet, and dreary colony located on the fringe of known space. Here it rained about 60% of the time, causing depression among those who live there. Suddenly in the night sky a flash of light streaked down towards the ground. This streak was a drop ship.
* * * * *

“Ok ladies, let’s get ready to go. What are you?”
“That’s right; now let’s go save these colonists from themselves. Go on my mark. 3 2 1 Mark!” At that word the sixteen marines ran out of the APC into the cold rain. Sergeant Cesano, the one giving orders, was the first out. The group spread out into two separate entities and ran towards the walled complex.
“Sir, we have no movement. Repeat, none”, said Private Jones.
“Alright, Team One move in on the door. Team Two, stay back and provide cover. Jones, I want you to run a bypass. Get moving, soldiers!”
At these words the first group runs towards the door looming in front of them.
“Jim, I don’t like this. No movement. This has got to be a trap. There couldn’t be any movement at all.”
“I don’t like it either Jones, but we have to rescue these dumbass colonists from rebels. You ever heard of rebels taking over a place like this? Who the hell would want it?”
At that moment Jones ran a bypass and the door slid open.
“Clear, the area is clear… What the, Sir, you need to see this.”
The inner area of the complex was lit by the flashlights from the marines helmets. The picture was one of horror. There was blood all over the walls and there were signs of fighting all around. But no bodies.
“Oh shit. This is sick. Where the hell are all the bodies? Denton, go check it out. First Team move in. Second Team move up to entrance.”
“Sir, did this complex store any strong chems or acid? Because there are acid burns everywhere. Looks like small arms fire, a few grenades. Wait a second, this is pulse rifle fire. Sir, where the hell did the civvies get pulse rifles?”
“Ok men; let’s move in towards the control center. Our orders are to get all the records from here and get out. Then we radio command and get new orders. Move it marines!”

Date- June 5, 2229
Time- 6:45 A.M. Local
LV225, “Rebel” Colony

“This is Recon Team 1. Over”
“Recon Team, go.”
“Sir, we have entered an area covered by some resin. Very sticky, do you have visual?”
“Recon 1, we are switching to visual now.”
Recon Team 1 consisted of four men, Jones, Denton, Abram, and Rand. Denton was in the lead.
“What do you make of this, Jim? I knew this shithole would be trouble, remember I told you it would”, said Jones.
“Yeah well, still no sign of whatever got the civvies. I just want to pull out of here. Why the hell are we taking orders from the Company? ‘Investigate’ my ass.” The group was now making its way down a sloping hallway.
“Denton, I got movement: thirty meters. It’s closing in on us right now.” With that every man crouched and set up into firing positions. Abram was set up in front because he had the smartgun.
“Twenty meters, fifteen, its fast, should be coming into view…”
“What the-”, Abram started.
“Kill it! Kill it now!” With that all four guns opened fire into the shiny black form. Within seconds, the thing had exploded into hundreds of different parts. “Rand, get up there and check it out. We’ll cover you.” Rand slowly moved towards the crumpled form on the ground. “What the hell is this? Command, you seeing this?”
They were seeing it. On the monitor at the command post there were ten or so people huddled around the video displays. As they watched, Rand slowly poked his finger into the puddle of liquid that had come out of the alien. “Owww!!!!”
“Rand get back here! We are leaving!”
“Jim, I got movement. Thirty, twenty…”
“Rand fall back! Now!”
Rand looked up just in time to see something scurrying towards him, and then all went black.
Jim Denton was already running to assist. When he arrived, he was amazed to see that something had wrapped itself around Rand’s face. Abram and Jones were watching down the corridor as Denton checked his pulse. “He’s still alive. Let’s go. Jones, help me. Command, request backup! Rand is down, something is on his face. We are bringing him up. Command, request backup to bring sentry gun. Over.”
“Recon Team 3 is on their way. ETA three minutes. Over.”
“I got signals again, all over the place! Something is waking up. Let’s get the hell out of here!” exclaimed Jones.
The three men, Jones and Denton carrying Rand while Abram provided cover, moved up the corridor at a brisk pace. About three quarters the way up the corridor the stuff on the walls stopped. At the top was a door. “Ok, we wait here for Team Three. Jones are we getting any more signals?” asked Denton.
“Too many to count, but closest one is fifty meters. I don’t see anything else coming towards us.”
“Let’s cover this door, Marines. Stay there with Rand, Jones. Let us know of any signals.”
“I can see Team Three right now. Thirty meters away right now. Oh crap. Jim, I have multiple signals closing in right now! Fifty meters away. Come on Team Three. Get your asses here!” With that four marines rounded the corner, the last two carrying a large box between them.
“Set it up. We have incoming!” cried Denton. All four men bent over a begin assembling the sentry gun.
“Twenty meters…”
Denton and Abram opened up on the incoming horde. The air acquired the sweet smell of gunpowder. Denton screamed as his pulse rifle flashed again and again. Abram continued tracking and firing. “Click. Click.” “Ah crap!” screamed Abram. He bent down and grabbed another drum of ammo out of his pack. This move cost him his life. As Abram bent down a black shape crawled up behind him. In one swift move its tail went down through his head. Blood gurgled out through his nose and his mouth. As he crumpled to the ground with one last breath, Denton turned and fired. However, the alien was already flying towards him, mouth opened to reveal rows of deadly sharp teeth. “Bam! Bam! Bam!” In a second, its head became nothing.
“We’re ready! Get back!” yelled the leader of Team Three.
Denton ran back as his arm begins to tingle. “What the… Owwww! Damn this hurts! Get it off, get if off!” he screamed as he ripped off his armor. At that moment the sentry gun came to life, spitting out its deadly bullets. The last thing Denton saw was the door shutting.

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