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new prodigy video out!!!!

Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
if your a fan of the greatest rock n roll band on the plant go over to [url=""][/url] they got a link to the Babys got a temper video which premiered last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


  • Snagged it - the boys are back! [img][/img]
  • Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
    i got another day and a half of dl time! yay!
  • PatgodPatgod Earthforce Officer
    i'm really surprised by how few people seem to take notice of this. the tgu post had 2 replys(both by me!) the post i made over at taldren got 1 or 2 replys as well.

    bah, prodigy owns all.
  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    They don't own me. [img][/img]

    [b][url=""]Required reading[/url][/b]
    Never eat anything bigger than your own head.
    "Nonono...Is not [i]Great[/i] Machine. Is...[i]Not[/i]-so-Great Machine. It make good snow cone though." - Zathras
  • They do, Biggles - they just put the barcode right where you wouldn't expect it... [img][/img]

    I saw your replies Patgod - wicked video... it's really grown on me [img][/img]
  • Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
    i heard the live versions of the song and i didnt like it too much, but the moment i heard the radio one edit i was blown away. LOVE IT. cant wait till july for the single, hell cant wait for the album.

    BTW what do you guys think of the other songs floating around, nuclear and trigger?

    the possibilites of nuclear mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds great live, studio verison OH YEA!
  • PatgodPatgod Earthforce Officer
    i've only heard trigger so far, but the recording i had was too low quality for me to really judge it. trying to get a good copy of nuclear right now actually [img][/img]
  • Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
    i found excellent recordings off the net not a file swapping program
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