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The Shield

Anyone watch it? It's a cable police drama on FX that makes NYPD Blue look like TJ Hooker. It starrs Michael Chiklis. (You may remember from "The Commish") I'v watched it from the first episode and I have been hooked ever since.

If you get the FX network and want to watch it, they are showing all of the episodes in order from the begining at 10:00 on Mondays. Check it out!

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  • Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
    LOVED THAT SHOW!!!!!!!111
  • JamboJambo Scriptkiddie
    Yeah, I love TJ Hooker aswell
  • Seen the whole 1st season....Excellent... [img][/img]
  • PatgodPatgod Earthforce Officer
    The Shield is the only TV show i really watch on tv.
  • JamboJambo Scriptkiddie
    What about Babylon 5?
  • PatgodPatgod Earthforce Officer
    i've watched through the entire run of B5 many many times already, while i still love it i just am not going to make the time to sit down and watch it.

    besides, now i can watch any episode and not be "out of the loop" with continuity since i already know what has happened, and what will happen.
  • KonradKonrad Ranger
    I'll bet you didn't know that Claudia Christain was in TJ...

    T.J. Hooker (1982)playing "Betty MacRae" in episode: "Lipstick Killer, The" (episode # 3.40) 1/7/1984
  • shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter

    Starsky and Hutch

  • ArikArik Galen's Apprentice
  • Rogue TraderRogue Trader Somebody stop him...
    exo squad



    doogie howser (the original blogger)

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