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a rebirth (Ive lost count of how many we've had over the years)

shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter
I think its high time someone did a radioplay in the B5 Universe. Given the distinct lack of backers/takers, I'm stepping up to the plate m'self. I'm hoping there are a few people still alive in here somewhere who might want to join me in this enterprise, perhaps even a few willing to help me. It wont be a small task, but it should be rewarding. Who knows, perhaps we can get the original cast to voice it, the voice being one thing that barely notices the passage of time, nor do audio recordings require attendance to any particular location. My question is however, which material would work best ? Should I dig up some awsome old stuff and if so, which stuff ? suggestions welcome


  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    How about "Side stories on B5" as a general topic area? You could do things like two ambassadors chatting in the tube about the war (I think that the sort of conversation someone high up like Delenn or Londo might have with the ambassador of a tiny race would be facinating).
  • shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter
    good point, delenn would make a good target to gauge audience response too :)
  • Triple-FTriple-F Earthforce Officer
    If your talking audio drama, you might want to talk to these guys. They’ve already produced TEN episodes. But most folks have never heard of them.


    Here’s a link to the MP3’s of the episodes. Basing themselves on FB probably doesn’t help when it comes to others finding out about them.

  • CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
    I always enjoyed Londo's morose dialogue someone I know compared him to a Macbeth like character, "My father used to say, my shoes are too tight and I've forgotten how to dance." That saying always stuck with me. Along with the conversation with the technomage, "No ambassador your going to go on reliving your mistakes." Lando. :P
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