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B5 cast sightings

StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
edited January 2015 in General Discussion
It's funny how I keep running into cast members from B5 in other shows. I'm just about to finish my Highlander series marathon and the fourth to last episode of the final season features non other than Claudia Christian. lol I never expected her to be in it. The odd thing though is that the actual star of the series, Adrian Paul, is not in that episode, at all.

Edit: Tracy Scoggins also makes an appearance as well, totally unexpected too!! Anyway, great series, time well spent with all its wooden acting during the first season and the jumping of the shark in season 5. Better than any of the movies. Adrian Paul is a better Highlander than Christopher Lambert.

As a side note, when you go down the list of ST:TNG cast members, quite a few familiar faces will pop up, which may be less surprising but still!

To me they will all be most famous for their contribution to B5.


  • I recently spotted Mira Furlan in the new Payday 2 add, Claudia Christian in a tavern in Skyrim, Bruce Boxetlinger in Spec Ops: The line, and Anna Sheridan in an episode of TNG.
  • CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
    Has anybody taken interest in Bruce's project Lantern City?
    I would really like to see what becomes of it.
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