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Rare Babylon 5 Convention Recordings

A fellow on Reddit bought up someone's collection of home videos of old B5 convention panels, digitized the lot, and has put them up for download. Little bit of history up here.
Dear friends, today, I bring you something special. Something (hopefully) amazing. Something I truly hope you will all enjoy.
Some time ago, I noticed a fellow on eBay selling some private recordings from various Babylon 5 conventions that took place during the 90s. Being the good person I am (and seeing the rather extortionate prices the individual is charging), I've decided to purchase the whole lot (to the tune of about $500), to rip it and put it online for everybody to enjoy. Fast forward 1 year later (I know, I know but life got in the way) to: today.
I proudly present to you The Anla'Shok Historical Archives. The site is really basic as I hardly have time to make it look nice. The most important stuff, the content, is there. Well, mostly. I'll be updating the page in the coming days (ok, probably weeks) with more content. Be warned that - all together - this is a hefty 17 GB of data. And the quality ain't that great but what do you expect from a 90s amateur camera, right? :)
Enough talk, here is the link and please enjoy.
[UPDATE 01/29]: The server has now 2TB/month traffic which should be enough. Please feel free to share the link with anybody who might be interested. I have added a new download - audio recordings of BabCom 1996. They are in mp3 format so you can listen to them in your car, while riding a bus etc. Hope you like them.
Some people messaged me about donations. I even got a reddit gold - thanks! :) As much as I appreciate your kindness, I do not ask for donations. I am just happy that you will be able to enjoy these. If you still want to make a donation, please send a check to "Rancho Viejo Montessori School, 29782 Avenida de Las Banderas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688". This is a school that specializes in helping kids with hearing disabilities and Richard Biggs (who I'm sure is smiling at us from beyond The Rim) has often raised funds for this school. Why? Rick was deaf on one ear and hard of hearing on the other.


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