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Fasten then zip or zip then fasten?

WORFWORF The Burninator
edited March 2015 in General Discussion
I find I usually go fasten, then zip. How about everyone else?


  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Definitely fasten then zip
  • Zip then fasten, usually.
  • Zip then fasten.

    What about socks?
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    It depends, you can't button then zip most coats. lol I will fasten my pants first as it's easier on the zipper. Silly Garibaldi.
  • CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
    Fasten then zip, and then rezip because im flying low.
    Wanna talk socks?
    Black and white, black on the left foot, white on the right foot.
    I like to confuse the girl who has to see my shoes off.
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