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Sheridan, Sinclair, Delenn, and beyond the Rim.

So I've finally gotten around to watching the videos from the convention collection things that B5 Books was selling, and watching the panels from Phoenix Comicon that I wasn't able to get to. I just watched one that was about the original intent of the show, unanswered stuff, and dropped ideas, which actually had some new information for me it turns out. I didn't go to this panel myself because it was happening at the same time as Claudia Christian's panel, which I went to instead. So the thing is that eventually they get to talking about what happened to Valen and such, and this just reminds me of something that has always just come up every so often throughout all the years I've been posting to B5 message boards, something that lots of fans assume but that I have never believed at all. That Sincliar/Valen and Delenn also went beyond the Rim.
I was wondering what the opinions of the people here thought about this. Personally, I could possibly see Delenn going beyond the Rim, but no way on Sinclair. He never met Lorien, and I don't see why the rest of the First Ones would be interested in him. Personally, the way I see it is that to the Vorlons, he was a very useful tool against their enemies, the Shadows, and by unifying the Minbari, he proved in a way that their theory on order and such was right, but I see no reason why they or any of the First Ones that were involved in the war would take him beyond the Rim.
If anyone was interested, I've actually got my own theory on what happened to Valen and Delenn, pieced together from various things said throughout the show, and comments JMS made throughout the years, but really, I just wanted to know what all of you thought about this subject. Now I kind of wish I had been there so I could have been the dissenting voice yet again at one of those panels.


  • I never really wondered about who went to Valinor beyond the rim myself while I was watching the show. I definitely think Sinclair would have preferred to have died on Minbar, given the choice, however.
  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    I think the reason the idea of Valen going beyond the Rim comes from the Minbari thinking he might come back someday. Then when you add in JMS's tease about Delenn's "final quest" involving Valen, it seems straightforward enough that all three of the One ended up with the First Ones. Of course, "straightforward" can also mean "boring." If those stories were ever chronicled, I'd expect something a bit more afield, given that "Legends of the Rangers" and "The Lost Tales" (especially the unfilled Garibaldi story) weren't shy about introducing new mythology.
  • DarthCaligulaDarthCaligula Elite Ranger
    I've just never got why everyone assumes that Sinclair and Delenn also go beyond the Rim. I really don't see why and how Sinclair would go beyond the Rim. Who would have taken him, and for what possible reason? Lorien clearly didn't meet him, and so why should we assume that the Vorlons, who are dicks, or any of the other First Ones would take him?
    And the Garibaldi story for Lost Tales. Ugh, don't remind me. I just plain ignore the Lost Tales when it comes to how I view B5.
  • edited June 2015
    Even if Valen didn't go beyond the rim, those who wished for him to return would wish he did.
    Delen's "Final Quest" may have involved attempting to sail there, even if she never reached it.
    I'd personally prefer to believe that they made it, however. Even if they never did.
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