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Cool B5 Wallpapers/Posters

Saw this on reddit; not sure if there are hi-res versions available, but here are some pretty killer wallpaper/posters that somebody put together, some of them are very well done (I love the Londo walking on the skulls).


  • Wow, those are really well done.
  • Some of them is just the DVD art, but they either had a killer scanner or found a great source because even those look really fine.

    I like the episode specific posters too, they really sell even some of the shoddy Season 1 episodes.
  • Yeah, I was also thinking that. Some of them look really cool, then you remember how cheesy that episode actually was. It even has Gropos, which I learned from SpiritOne while we were in Pheonix is his favorite episode ever, because of it's incredibly well done portrayal of Marines! He just wouldn't shut up about how much he loved that episode and made sure to watch it at least once a week!
  • Heck, they even make season 5 look okay!
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