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An Idea for the next B5 Installement (Telepath War)

CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
I have yet to read Telepath War I should though I really should.
I was thinking about my own struggle with thought, telepathy latent or otherwise and I realized something about psychiatric medication.
It really does suppress that ability to hear thoughts of my own and otherwise those I remember.
I totally am giving this idea to Joe as a writer if and when another B5 film or project comes to fruition.
I am pretty sure when I hit PSI level 10 I can hear my grandmother telling me to hang up my clothes to dry. lol
I swear they use the medications to suppress telepathic ability.
I have no ownership over this idea and I am encouraging Joe to write about it because they already do it.
Just a thought but they always take me away when I hit psi level 10. lol
Thanks again for the inspiration, the joy, the tears, the laughs and all the space drama I come back to watch again and again.
The name of the place will always be remembered as Babylon 5. :)
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