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Personal news

croxiscroxis I am the walrus
I'm going to be a dad. In 2 days.

My husband and I are adopting a 6 year old from the foster system. We meet him for the first time in 2 days.
Then I will suddenly be responsible for a little human.


  • FreejackFreejack Jake the Not-so-Wise
    Awesome! Congrats! As a current foster parent and having adopted siblings it's an amazing journey onto which you are about to embark.

    While we only been fostering a short time, let me know if you guys need any support or advice. These kids are amazing little peoples, but they also sometimes need an extra measure of patience and love.

  • CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
    Thats quite an achievement unlocked, "Being a Dad." adopt one or more children while managing to convince the system you are a good candidate for adoption. I take it you'll be watching B5 asap with your kid. Best of luck Croxis!
  • The kid will certainly have a good home! You'll do great!
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Well. He loves minecraft :P
  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    Congrats. Being a parent rocks. :)
    And yes...Babylon 5 ASAP. Also, ST:TNG...those shows shaped my life in more ways than I even realize...
  • RickRick Sector 14 Studios
    Very belated, but congratulations to you both!
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Thanks. I am so tired. All the time. What have I done.
  • SanfamSanfam I like clocks.
    I'm glad to see the follow-up/check-in.

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