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Article: Babylon 5: A Show Ahead of Its Time

We're all fans of course, and while we all love this show, we all have our complaints as well, but it really was remarkable that the show managed to pull off what it did and actually conclude, even if that conclusion wasn't what was entirely what was originally intended. I thought this was a nice article, though he does kind of exaggerate some things I think. Londo's rise to power isn't quite what he says, though it's close. I think that Londo and G'kar's storylines were the best and most interesting part of the show, and I think that it was the best part of season 5, which of course had its share of problems.
Despite the cheesiness of the first two seasons, and parts of season 5 that make me groan, this show still really sticks with me, and I think it's mostly because the show really tried to have a huge story, and yet also balance the character growth. All these years later, and I still consider it one of the best shows I've ever seen, even though Neon Genesis Evangelion took its place long ago for what I consider the greatest show ever made.
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