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Watch Valerian!

So just got back from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Its a great film. Definitely Fifth Element-esque, which is cool. Very beautiful movie. I'm not sure its quite as good as Fifth Element acting wise (you can't beat Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker), and the story got a tiny confusing in the middle, but it pays off at the end.

However, I saw it on the first Friday at 7 pm and the theater was half full. I don't see it doing well at the Box Office. If you want to see some more non-superhero sci-fi, speak with your dollars and watch this!


  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    It's released in the UK on the 2nd August. Looking forward to it :)
  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    I enjoyed it. I have to agree with the review that said the opening sequence alone was worth the price of admission. The biggest issues I have with the casting. I found Valerian himself charmless and unlikable (but, luckily, there was surprisingly little of him considering he's the title character), and there are two leadership characters, the General and the Commander (and the Commander outranks the General, also confusing) who are both middle-aged brown-haired white men. It would've probably helped if they mixed it up a bit with one of them, though it wasn't full "Forbidden Planet" in terms of "I can't tell these people apart"-ness.

    I read some people saying it was worth seeing in 3D. It was not. And unfortunately, all the premium-format oxygen is being sucked up by Dunkirk (seeing that tomorrow in 70mm!), so I saw it in "conventional" 3D. I think the Dolby Cinema version of Valerian would probably look spectacular, but there's only the one DC screen in my area.
  • Yeah the Commander outranking the General confused me at first too, but you realize pretty soon who is the ranking member. I kinda laughed when I saw that Herbie Hancock was in this movie, had no idea he did acting of any kind, but he played the part of the politician well I thought.

    I thought Laureline was better acted than Valerian, which is funny because the actress is actually a model and has only recently gotten into acting (she played the Enchantress in Suicide Squad, but she was much better in this movie imo). Like I said, I think the acting and characters were stronger in Fifth Element than this movie. BUT I will say I preferred the plot of this movie, once everything came together in the end I thought it was a pretty good payoff.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    I would agree. The actress who played Laureline seemed to be having a lot of fun with her part.
    I could of lived without the love-interest thing.
  • I think they were together in the comics (or became one during its run). Some internet commentary I've read from people familiar with the source would have rather they been a couple from the start than how they did it.
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