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Altered Carbon

CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
Watched Altered Carbon, pretty good scifi, cyberpunk, a little soapy here and there but the set design alone makes it worth watching.
Definitely seems to have some influence from Bladerunner, kinda scratched the cyberpunk itch.
The idea of sleeves kinda creepy, but bodies that are prefabricated and then basically your memory and experience gets uploaded to the new sleeve.
Ya won't make a sleeve out of me though, I'll self immolate before you turn me into another body.
They are doing a Season 2 but all the current actors we're contracted for a year so we're getting a whole new cast Season 2.
In this story it doesn't make that hard to do with the sleeves or bodies changing or being transferred all the time.
Though the quality of acting will probably be different for better or worse.
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