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Harlan Ellison died last June

I can't believe I only just now found out about this. I mean, I've been wondering just how much longer we would last, so I figured it would have to be soon. I found out because I was trying to remember something JMS said at some point and checked, and it was right there. I found out about Harlan through B5, thinking I'd check out one of the people behind it, and I thought he was amazing. I've read just about everything of his that I could manage to get my hands on, with the library being a big help, especially back when I was a teen reading his stuff for the first time. I didn't agree with everything he said, but his passion for standing up for what he believed was something that really stuck with me. I actually met him in 2006 at the Foolscap convention in Bellevue, Washington, and that was pretty fun. He told me that the copy of The Glass Teat I brought to get signed was actually a first edition copy and that it's super rare because it was recalled for some reason I don't remember.

If you haven't read his stuff, I'd highly recommend it.


  • PJHPJH The Lovely Thing
    That's very sad. I don't know much of his works by name, but I remember very well his name on the credits of B5 and I know that he's done a lot of work in scifi in his career.
  • If you like B5, there's a good chance you'd like his stories. I'd suggest Alone Against Tomorrow first. It was the first one of this books I read, and I think it was a very good start, especially since the stories in that one have a lot of his science fiction stories, stuff with the future and space. The first story in it is probably his most famous story, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

    His various writings have have a big impact on my life and how I view things. It seems that unfortunately lots of people think of him as some kind of asshole, when there was a hell of a lot more to him.
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