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Bsg Mod Casting Call!!! Attention Voice Actors!!!

It's that time boys and girls; Development on the BSG Mod storyline is in full swing, and its time to start bringing these characters to life!! I need auditions.

We currently have openings for the following roles:
[b]Female: THREE
Male: at least SEVEN[/b]

There will be several generic audio parts as well, and cast number listed above may change.

Here's what I need from those that audition:

-Multiple lines, INDIVIDUALLY recorded (dialogue is indicated below, by part).
-Files MUST be in MP3 format. No other format will be accepted. I myself use GoldWave to record and RazorLame to encode to MP3...use whatever you care too, but make sure it's in MP3 and MONO.
-Quality does not matter much at this point, cd quality should be fine.


[i]MaleLine1:[/i] (with confident authority) Alpha Flight, form up on me. Prepare to break on my mark.

[i]MaleLine2:[/i] (excited, intense) Cryptor Cryptor Cryptor! I am taking fire, repeat I am taking fire! I have incoming...(frightened, in awe) Oh my Gods...This is it!

[i]MaleLine3:[/i] (light-hearted) Looks like you've got a little problem there...would it help if I got out and pushed?

[i]MaleLine4:[/i] (sternly) Lieutenant, what the FRAK were you thinking? Under different circumstances you'd be on the slowest ship back to Fleet HQ for a courtmartial. You're removed from flight status until further notice. Now, get out of my sight. Dismissed!


[i]FemaleLine1:[/i] (authoritative, cool) Bravo Flight, come to heading three-two-zero and assist Alpha in defensive action. Fire at will.

[i]FemaleLine2:[/i] (concerned) Alpha Lead, I'm having some problems here. I need some cover!

[i]FemaleLine3:[/i] (excited, incredulous, angry) Say again Lead? You want us to do WHAT?!

[i]FemaleLine4:[/i] (frightened, intense) Two, this is Three...I'm losing her! Lords of Kobol...Gods help me!

That's what I need from the voice wannabes for now. A note, these lines DO NOT come from the campaign or represent the story. I need to see the emotional range of all those that apply, so that if you are offered a part, you are placed in a role that suits you best!
PLEASE, remember to encode auditions in MP3 format, MONO, CD quality. Name the files with last name (or part of your screen name, something to identify you by), gender of part, and line number. Example:

HagerMale2 (last name, male part, line 2)

Please attach ALL FOUR lines from your audition to an email to me at

Get your friends on this too, and lets see some genuine effort here!! This mod is going to be the has incredible models and effects, the story is on it's way to being top notch, and the voice acting is just as important as everything else. A weakness in one area weakens the entire project. So, give it your all, don't be embarrassed to get into character, and have fun!! Good lucK!


  • We've got a few applicants so far...but we need many more! Pull out those microphones, tell your's fun to have your voice immortalized in a computer game!!
  • I might give it a shot; not sure if I have a "pilot" voice, though. ;)
  • That's okay Exile, we'll have parts for command crew, briefing officers, civilian pilots, crew and control officers, etc...
  • Damn it I think I lost my mic in a move.

    Ah screw it (Steals roomates).

    You'll have my sample shortly
  • Awesome...muchas gracias!!! Let's keep 'em comin!
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