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Battlestar Galactica Mod at ValleyCon

For those who are interested, at the gaming room at ValleyCon this year (Fargo, ND), there will be preview demos of a few Freespace 2_Open projects, including Source Code Project, and the work-in-progress Battlestar Galactica:Reimagined Mod. (scuttlebutt is also that the Babylon Project will be featured too).

If any of you are up that way, and interested in seeing what we've been up to with the BSG mod, I encourage you to stop by while at the Con and have a looksee! We're all very excited about the progress and potential of this project, and hope to have more substance soon.

The Con is Friday through Sunday, OCT 21-23 in Fargo, ND. link: [URL=]VallyCon31[/URL]

Anyone interested in the project, or becoming a part of it, saunter on over to [url][/url] and check out the Battlestar Galactica:Reimagined forums! Always looking for fresh talent!...and voice actors!! (especially female)

Thanks a ton!

writer, BSG:RI FS2 mod


  • What short notice!!!! A flight fare is premo now.
  • Sorry!! I didnt' even think to post in here until last night...:-(
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    It looks interesting.

    I did notice a problem with [URL=]this[/URL] screenshot though :P

  • *cough Cough*, those were early screenshots...Omni was working with the X-Wing conversion before this...heh
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