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Will there be a box set in the US?

Has anyone heard anything definitive about a full boxed set release in the US similar to that in Germany? I don't have the original boxes yet, but my wife loves this show almost as much as I do now, and we're looking at getting them...but I don't want to get them now if there will be a full set coming out in the US like that in Europe. Thanks!



  • Anyone? Beuller?
  • I have yet to hear anything about a US version of it. If it does come out, I would buy it because of WB's ripped me off on Season 1 Disk 2! (I contacted them and they wanted ME to spend money to fix their mistake.. typical)
  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    Might this be what you are looking for?

  • Good link, but not quite. I'm hoping they'll release something in R1 like they did in Germany, where the whole series including the movies and Crusade was in one spiffy looking keep this:


    As you can see, even at the current exchange rate, the cost for such set would be well under 415 dollars, or even the 376 that seasons 1-5 are going for at some sites...AND it includes the movies and Crusade.
  • RubberEagleRubberEagle What's a rubber eagle used for, anyway?
    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RedAssAg05 [/i]

    ...AND it includes the movies and Crusade. [/B][/QUOTE]
    BUT: The movies in this box aren't the one in the US-Movie-Box.
    The Gathering is the original version (not the Special Edition jms cut with Christopher Franke Music - That one never was dubbed in german)...
    In The Beginning is the same disc that the first release was, so no extras or audio-commentary on it.
    The other movies though, since they haven't been released prior to the movie box, are the same (well, with additional german audio, and in Pal, of course)..

    Also, the German box DOES NOT INCLUDE CRUSADE

    The UK box, though, does:
  • AH...well then...

    I want the UK-style version in R1;-)
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