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EAS Enforcer: The M-308-Incident (EP I)

I tried to write a small fanfiction. It is supposed to be a first episode of a series that deals with the (changing) crew of a Earth Force Nova class Dreadnought. I hope you like it.
The story deals with the events right after the Earth Minbari War.

Please be merciful, as English is not my motherlanguage.

Io Shipyards, December 12, 2246

Colonel Vassiliev and General Fontaine looked through the window of the shuttle at the huge EAS Enforcer.
Most damage had been repaired. The Minbari cut off the engines, but did not finished the job before their surrendered. Most surviving men and women of the Battle of the Line were crewmembers of the Enforcer and the two Hyperion destroyers that were involved.

Col. Vassiliev: “So that’s her?”
Gen. Fontaine: “Yes, completely refitted. Right now, the first missiles are loaded into the storage racks and the first fighters are also docked. This vessel is just one step after our Nova-X ships we lost in the war.”
Col. Vassiliev: “It is rumoured that Earthforce has a new line of ships in development. The word Omega class is often spoken these days.”
Gen. Fontaine: “You were promoted to Colonel a few months ago, weren’t you?”
Col. Vassiliev: “Yes, Sir. While the Minbari attacked Earth, I commanded a Marines platoon on Mars. ”
Gen: Fontaine: “Colonel, the Omega project is not only a rumour. When the war ended, we cut down any contract with Karmatech, that produces the Hyperion. Instead, we ordered RocketDyne to develop a new warship on the basis of the Nova. That is the Omega project. Right now, the Earthforce public office is preparing the press briefing to announce the Omega to the public.”
Col. Vassiliev: “The aim is to rebuild Earthforce to be powerful to oppose a new Minbari aggression, Sir?”
Meanwhile, the shuttle docked onto the Enforcer’s shuttle and fighter bay.
Gen. Fontaine: angrily “Colonel, I will resign from service in a half year. Then, I want to be safe and not to be afraid of burned by a Minbari Ion cannon, even when I live peacefully in my house in New Virginia!”
Col. Vassiliev: “I understand, Sir.”
Both unbelted themselves and left the shuttle.

Beyond the docking bay was the ready room for the fighter pilots. The wardrobes for the pilots had already been build in.
This section was hit by a Minbari Nial fighter, that was not able to avoid a collision with the bow of the Enforcer and striked the fighter bay with a direct hit.
In the ready room, an officer in Commander’s dress sat, fixed with seatbelts, in one of the chairs of the small but comfortable recreation area.

Com. Berrens: “Good day, Colonel. My name is Commander Mike Berrens. I was the space yard commander for the Enforcer and your new XO.”
Berrens’ eyes had dark rings, his voice was quite and he spoke very slow.
Vassiliev: “Good day, Commander. Requesting for boarding clearance.”
Berrens: “Boarding clearance granted. Welcome aboard on our little girl.”
General Fontaine remained silent. He wanted to look, if the Marine Colonel feels fine in a zero gravitation environment. Silently, he hoped, that Colonel Vassiliev rejected the command. Vassiliev was Brigadier General Hague’s choice, not Fontaine’s.
Fontaine was never really a friend of the Earthforce army or the Marine Corps. In his opinion, only a navy officer can command a warship. The Marines and the Army guys should experience their hell on the surfaces of the planetary battlefields and not try to reach the stars.
Berrens unbelted and hovered to a door on the other side of the ready room.
Berrens: “General, Colonel. You may want a short tour through the ship?”
Fontaine: “Now, not now. I am sure Colonel Vassiliev is as the new CO interested in the ship’s structures. He will come with you, Commander. But I have duties back in EarthDome.”
Berrens: “Of course, General!”
Fontaine: “Good day, Commander, Colonel.”
Berrens and Vassiliev, as well as General Fontaine, did not salute. (Mainly because it is a little bit difficult to salute correctly under zero-g conditions.)
Berrens: looking to the closing bulkhead “So that’s Fontaine? I don’t like this guy.”
Vassiliev: “Hm, nobody likes him, he’s Lefcourt watchdog. During the Dilgar War he was a National Guard Lieutenant.”
Berrens: “And you?”
Vassiliev: “A simple grunt with no combat experience and a big mouth.”

Narn Jump gate, five light years away from Akdor, December 12

The Narn ship was impressive. It was only fitted with the basic equipment and could not stand the fire of a Centauri warship, but the immense red painting and the design gave the ship a very modern and advanced look. The whole design, the two heavy forward guns, the three huge engines stated pure military power.

Max: “Open up a channel!”

The bridge of the Raider carrier was small, but functional. Three stations, one for navigation and flight controls, one for the few weapons and one for communication and the coordination of the Zephyr fighters carried by the ship. In addition to these stations was a command chair fixed in the middle of the command deck.

Comm Officer: “Max, their responding! I put it through.”
Max: “Yeah, hurry up!”

On the very small view screen in the left corner of the bridge appeared a Narn in zero-g dress. He smiled and had also a subtle grim in his face, that could not be described by anyone.

G’Mak: “Mr. Owens, a pleasure to meet you, as always.”
Max: “G’Mak, we need your assistance. There is a Belt Alliance base…”
G’Mak: “Wait, your motto is supply and demand. So…”
Max: “…listen, G’Mak. There is a Belt Alliance Base at Alpha M-308. It is near your shipping lane to one of your depots, and the Belt Alliance granted any Earthforce ship to dock and supply at any time. So you could say it is … an Earthforce supply base near one of your depots and near my hunting grounds…”
G’Mak: “That could be a deal, Mr. Owens, but where is the payment for my crew, my pilots and of course the small bonus for our friendship, Mr. Owens?”
Max: “G’Mak, when we finished the base, you can have any technology stored there. It is yours, we just want that base destroyed.”
G’Mak: “Oh, yes, of course. A Narn vessel jumping in and firing on an Earth Alliance base. They will only call for help and maybe their distress signal will incorporate the phrase ‘we are attacked by a Narn warship’! And of course will someone reply to this call and Earth will send a warship to investigate or to help. Are you mad? This could grow to diplomatic incident. For twenty years we did not fire on ANY human ship or station. We’re not at war!”
Max: “G’Mak, we have a plan!”
G’Mak: “Ah, another interesting idea, how stupid…”
Max: “…G’Mak! We can also have some other partners, maybe one of the less honoured Centauri houses could, you know what I mean?”
G’Mak: “All right, tell me about your plan!”
Max: “Okay, at first, we send the fighters in, they will mainly concentrate on the Communication array and the sensors. Then, the carrier will jump in an focus on the base defence forces. Later, when we eliminated the fighters you are on the move to destroy the automated pulse turrets of the base. Maybe there is a Monsoon gunboat docked, when this is the case, you’ll destroyed. Then we will enter the base, you get the tech on board and finally we blow the place in pieces. That’s it!”
G’Mak: “I haven’t decided yet. I will contact you later. We will meet in a few days in hyperspace. G’Mak, out.”
Screen is fading out and showing technical data again.
Max: “Navigation, open jump gate and jump into hyperspace!”
Nav Officer: “Aye. Man, this Narn’s pissed off!”
Max: “Yeah, but he helps us. Normally.”
Nav Officer: “Opening jump gate.”

EAS Enforcer NHD-14, December 12

The Briefing room of the EAS Enforcer was a nearly symmetric room, with the simplest table imaginable in the middle. Around the cold metal table, that was fixed to the wall. Around the table were six chairs with seatbelts and black cushions.
The command officers of the Enforcer assembled here for the first briefing.

Berrens: “Colonel, as I said before, welcome aboard.”
Pausing, the room became quiet
Berrens: “This is Lieutenant Commander Laura Aymes. She’s the Chief of Arms, Bridge officer and maybe one of the most important people on board.”
Aymes: “Colonel, congratulation to your command.”
Berrens: “In front of you is Lieutenant Commander Michail Sostchenko, Commander of the fighter squad dispatched to the Enforcer.”
Sostchenko: nodding
Berrens: “The Marine on the left is Major Lukas Andrews, he’s here to help us in negotiating with the League of Non-Aligned worlds.
Berrens: At last, this is Lieutenant Walter McFerson. Chief of the small scientific staff on the Enforcer. Our communications officer, Ensign Ivanova is currently on her way to us. She’ll board when we stop at EASTA Polo before flying to the border.”
Vassiliev: “I hope you have all settled in, so that we can depart in one hour. As your new CO, I want to hear any critics you have. This is my first star ship command and I have to learn a lot of things to do almost everything in the right way.”
McFerson: “Sir, why do we have a scientific staff on board? A Nova dreadnought does normally only have one or two linguists and the normal medical staff on board.”
Vassiliev: “Mr. McFerson, I have no information you might not have. I asked the crew office, and they told me, that the Earthforce scientific bureau wanted a tem on board of a star ship that will maintain long hyperspace flights. I think, when we get the explicit orders at the Polo station, you may be briefed with more details about your tasks.”
McFerson: “Understood, Sir.”
Vassiliev: “Are there any other questions? None. Prepare for departure! Dismissed!”

One hour later. The bridge crew was fixed in their seats and prepared their consoles and systems for the undocking process.
In front of him he had a large view screen with the basic information of maintained curse, speed, sensor contacts and the ship’s readiness.

Vassiliev: “All stations report!”
Aymes: “Chief of Arms. Weapons cold, but loaded. If you need ‘em, they’re ready.”
Sostchenko: “Fighter squads. All Starfuries docked and ready to launch.”
Chief Engineer: “Engineering. Engines running. Reactors working within the limits.”
McFerson: “Science and Sensors. All clear. Electronic countermeasures ready for action!”
Vassiliev: “XO, report for navigation and communication!”
Berrens: “Communication systems ready. Navigation prepared for undocking procedure.”
Vassiliev: “Fine. So, ah, undock, Mr. Berrens!”
Berrens: “Aye, Sir!”

The last connections between the space dock and the Enforcer broke. The docking thrusters fired and accelerated the ship.
When it left the dock, the main engines heated up.
EAS Enforcer NHD-14 was in service again.

Jump Gate EAJ-550, freighter Hermes, December 20

A freighter waiting near a jump gate.. There is no station, planet or any other object around.

Captain: laying back and watching the status displays “Hell, how long should we wait?”
Navigator: “Hm, they should be here in 15 minutes! Wait, jump gate is opening!”

A blue vortex opened and a ship jumped in.

Captain: “Is this the freighter?”
Navigator: “No, Raider carrier right ahead! Scrambling fighters. Weapons seem to be hot!”
Captain: “Oh, hell!”

The Raider carrier was swarmed by a dozen fighters.
The fighters opened fire on the crew section first. The hull broke and the oxygen froze immediately. All life support systems went down, energy systems failed and the engines exploded with a small fire blast.
Just a few minutes before the vortex appeared, everything was quiet again. The Raiders recovered the cargo pods and containers.
The only thing that was left, was a distress call in hyperspace.

EAS Enforcer NHD-14, en route to the EA border, December 20,

Ivanova: listening, handling with her console
Ivanova: “Colonel, I picked up distress call from the freighter Hermes near the jump gate EAJ-550. They are under attack by a Raider carrier!”
Berrens: looking up from a pad “A carrier? Not just a fighter squad?”
Ivanova: “Yes, Sir.”
Vassiliev: “XO, how far is that jump gate?”
Berrens: “About ten minutes flight time, Sir.”
Vassiliev: “Hm, when we’re there, it’s too late. But let’s give it a try. XO, set course for EAJ-550 and engage at flank speed. We’ll be there as soon as possible!”
Berrens: “Aye, Sir!

Hyperspace, December 20

Max: “We assaulted the freighter. They will try to investigate what happened. During this, we can attack.”
G’Mak: “Good, now you are absolutely sure, that they will not interfere?”
Max: “G’Mak, trust me!”
G’Mak: “Then we will launch in two hours!”

Alpha M-308, Belt Alliance supply outpost, December 20, 2246

Harold Tibbets was a career officer. Within the Belt Alliance Navy he climbed the ranks quickly. Before he took the command of this base, he was the CO of a Belt Alliance frigate. When he knew, what difficulties the command of a border base means before he took command, he would have rejected it.
Nearly every day a freighter pilot was not lucky with the docking schedule or the jump gate access and opening times. He often wondered about the future problems of the announced Babylon station considering the whole damn freighter pilots guild.

Comm Officer : “Captain Tibbets, we just received a distress call from a freighter near EAJ-550. EAS Enforcer has already declared to help.”
Tibbets: “Enforcer? Do we have a ship to supply?”
Comm Officer: “No, Sir. EAS Enforcer is on a patrol duty and not scheduled to dock here.”
Tibbets: “They’re coming right from Earth, right?”
Comm Officer: “I suppose.”

Tibbets was sometimes worried to see every day the same people. Crews of Earthforce ships or of the rare Belt Alliance cruisers in this region were always welcome, a few weeks ago, an exploration vessel came back from deep space flight and docked for three days at the outpost to supply. Tibbets could not really believe, that the explorer crew was not directly involved in the Earth Minbari War.

Comm Officer: “Sir, freighter coming in! Their calling us.”
Freighter captain: “M-308 Outpost, this is the Belt Alliance freighter Marie-Ann. We are requesting docking clearance. Ah, we detected some anomalies in hyperspace, not far away from the jump gate.”
Tibbets: “Understood, we’ll ask the next Earthforce ship coming in to investigate.”
Freighter captain: “Okay, we’re docking.”

Jump gate EAJ-550, EAS Enforcer, December 20, 1600 h standard time

The jump gate opened and the EAS Enforcer left hyperspace.

Berrens: “Sir, we have left hyperspace!”
Vassiliev: “Okay, Lieutenant McFerson, scan the area for life signs. And jam the gate. Make sure nobody gets in while we’re here!”
McFerson: scanning for life signs “Yes, Sir.”
A few seconds later…
McFerson: “Sir, there are no life signs. But I found a debris if a Belt Alliance fighter.”
Vassiliev: “Belt Alliance? Had the freighter an escort?”

Ivanova opened the ships database and searched for the freighter identification.

Ivanova: “Sir, according to the data, this freighter was only a private commercial vessel and did neither belong to the EA postal service, the Belt Alliance or any other major corporation. They should not have the money for a worthy escort.”
Vassiliev: “Okay, bring the fighter wreckage into the launch bay. Mr. McFerson, Ensign Ivanova, examine the fighter. We’ll meet at 1800 in the briefing room where you will present your conclusions. And save the flight recorder of the freighter!”

Jump Gate EAJ-550, EAS Enforcer, December 20, 1800 h standard time

The command staff assembled in the room. The huge screen on the wall was activated and showed the data from the freighter’s flight recorder.

Ivanova: “They left ESTA Drake one week ago, stopped at the neutral Dobrynin mining colony and remained their flight to the border. They were no recorded delays in their schedule. But there is a gap in the recordings. Maybe because of a space phenomena, the damage from the raider attack or it has been manipulated.”
Vassiliev: “What do you prefer, Ensign?”
Ivanova: “Manipulation.”
Vassiliev: “I supposed that you say something like this.”
Ivanova: “Sir, there’s no need to think I am pessimistic!”
Vassiliev: “It’s all right, Ensign! We talk about that later.
McFerson: amused “So when we have finished with that, we may proceed. The time after entering hyperspace a few days ago until they reached the hyperspace beacon near EAJ-523 is missing in the logs. We figured, that they may have met someone who gave them a tip.
That tip could include waiting in normal space near EAJ-550 for another freighter. Instead, the raiders attacked. Because the contact was not a part of the freighter’s schedule, the captain deleted the logs and carried on to the hyperspace gate.”
Vassiliev: “All right. That could mean, that the Raiders do have a new tactic. First they give a tip to wait at a nearby jump gate for a special cargo and then they attack the freighter there. Anything else?”
Sostchenko: “Sir, my fighter pilots identified the wreckage as a Zephyr class Belt Alliance fighter. That means, that the Raider either cooperate with the Alliance or simply buy or steal these fighter crafts. Nevertheless, the Zephyr is in use by the Belt Alliance and a very capable fighter. It may even fly in atmospheres. But I think our pilots are better trained than the Raiders.”
Vassiliev: “Good, let’s just hope, that they do not outnumber the Starfuries. Are there any further questions or notes?”
Berrens: “We should send a short report to the M-308 outpost. They should know it and inform the freighter crews.”
Vassiliev: “Fine, we will do so. The lucky ones who have the night watch, report at your stations. The other ones get rest. Commander Berrens, your in charge until my watch starts. We will continue our patrol run. Dismissed!”
Crew: tired “Aye, Sir.”

Berrens: enters the C&C and hovers to the command chair
Berrens: “Communication, open a coded channel to the M-308 outpost!”
Comm Officer: “Yes, Sir. Give me two second!”
Comm Officer: tries to open a channel hasty “Sir, I cannot contact the outpost. I tried a uncoded channel, but the area is absolutely quite. There is not even the regular chatter between the freighters and the station!”
Berrens: “Hm, maybe because this sector is too remote for a clear communication. Try again when we are in hyperspace and report me then!”
Comm Officer: “Aye, Sir!”
Berrens: “Navigation, open jump gate and jump into hyperspace. Then commence patrol route!”
Nav Officer: “Yes, Sir. Opening gate now. Jumping out.”

Jump gate opens and EAS Enforcer enters the orange vortex.

Comm Officer: “Commander, I still can’t reach M.308. Maybe there is something wrong.”
Sensor Officer: “Sir, a freighter is closing in:”
Comm Officer: “They’re hailing us.”
Freighter captain: “EAS Enforcer, this is the freighter Luciano, we have problems in contacting M-308. Shortly after we entered hyper space, we lost the contact. As we do not know what happened, we ask you to look after the outpost. We have some expensive cargo to deliver and cannot afford it to return to M.308 to check out for ourselves. Besides, you have obviously the stronger weaponry on board.”
Berrens: “This is Commander Berrens of the Enforcer. We already discovered the problem, but thanks for reporting. We will head to M-308 and check what’s going on there. Did you encounter any unusual things?”
Freighter captain: “Yes, there were some hyperspace turbulences I’ve never seen before.”
Berrens: “Okay, thanks. We move on now. Enforcer out.”
Berrens: “Communication, wake up the Colonel and ask him to meet me at the briefing room! Navigation, set course for M-308!”

Berrens and Vassiliev settled down in the Briefing room. Vassiliev looks like having slept merely half an hour. His uniform does not really fit and his eyes look sleepy.

Vassiliev: “So, Mr. Berrens, why do you disturb my sleeplessness?”
Berrens: smiling professionally “Sir, a freighter coming from M-308 contacted us and reported, that they lost contact to the outpost, too. The freighter’s captain also mentioned hyperspace turbulences, which he had never seen before.”
Vassiliev: “Never seen before? I think hyperspace is the very best example for a HUGE turbulence.” Vassiliev shows a big circle with his arms.
Berrens: “Yeah, you’re right. But nevertheless, we should investigate.”
Vassiliev: “Ah, hell. Is this one of the we-are-the-only-combat-ship-in-range-scenarios?”
Berrens: “No, Sir. A Narn cruiser is reported to spook around here.”
Vassiliev: “Narn.”
Berrens: “Yes, Sir. Narn. About that tall!” Berrens puts a hand on his head.
Vassiliev: “Okay, report me when we are near the Jump gate. I’ll be in my office and catch some hot strong coffee.”
Berrens: “Yes, Sir!”
Ivanova (intercom): “Colonel Vassiliev, Commander Berrens, we are near the jump gate!”
Vassiliev: “So much for hot coffee dreams!”

The C&C. Vassiliev and Berrens are having their seats.

Vassiliev: “Report!”
Aymes: “Sir, we are approaching the jump gate. We’ll be there in five minutes!”
Vassiliev: “Good. All stations: got to yellow status. Commander Aymes, unlock and load your guns.”

The lights are dimmed to a darker yellow. The C&C now looks even more professional and militaristic.

Aymes: amused “Of course, Sir. Weapons ready when you need ‘em!”
Vassiliev: “Sensors, scan for any unusual phenomena.”
McFerson: “Sir, can you specify that, here in hyperspace nearly everything…”
Vassiliev: “Ah, yes. I mean… Hell, just report me if there is something REALLY strange!”
Berrens: “Approaching gate.”
Vassiliev: “Mr. Sostchenko, prepare your pilots to launch!”
Sostchenko (intercom): “We are ready.”
Vassiliev: “Navigation: Jump!”

EAS Enforcer, Alpha M-308, December 21, 2246

The gate opened and the blue vortex released the EAS Enforcer.

McFerson: “Sir, I’m scanning about two Raider squadrons attacking the outpost – and a Raider carrier!”
Vassiliev: “A raider carrier? Now things really go worse! All fighters, launch. Bravo, Hotel and Sigma wings concentrate on the Raider fighters. Ms. Aymes, prepare to fire on the carrier!”
Aymes: “Aye, Sir. Weapons ready and locking on.”
Vassiliev: “All stations, red status.”

The three squads are launching from the fighter bay. Right after the launch they engage the Raider fighters successful.

Hotel One: “This is Hotel leader. H Two and H Four break off and protect the docked freighter. Seems like they had a plan that turned upside down.”
Hotel Two: “Confirmed, break and engage.”

Vassiliev: “Status!”
Aymes: “We succeeded in destroying the first Raider fighter wing. The carrier is coming closer but stays out of our weapons range.”
Vassiliev: “They try to eliminate defences and hit then with their bigger guns.”

Max: “Ah, f**k! Where came the damn Nova from?”
Nav Officer: “Sir, our fighters are decimated by them.”
Max: “That jeopardize everything. Let’s hope the Narn can improve our situation.”
Nav Officer: “Sir, Jump point…”

McFerson: “…forming! Scanning a Narn cruiser jumping out!”
Vassiliev: “Is that the Narn cruiser you mentioned, Commander?”
Berrens: “Probably. Their manoeuvring into an attack position!”
Vassiliev: “Ivanova, call him!”
Ivanova: to Narn cruiser “This is the EAS Enforcer Nova class dreadnought, stand down or you will be fired upon.”
Vassiliev: turning to Ivanova “Wow, that was powerful!”
Ivanova: smiling shortly “Thanks, Sir!”

G’Mak: “Bring us in closer. We will attack the station! Can we manoeuvre us into a position where the Earth ship cannot hit us?”
Officer #01: “Yes, I initiate the manoeuvre!”

McFerson: “Sir, the Narn cruiser is taking position behind the station!”
Berrens: “Colonel, they try to place the station between them and us, so we cannot hit them.”
Vassiliev: “Let’s change that. Navigation, fire up thrusters and bring us in firing position. Ms. Aymes, maintain your lock-on.”

The Enforcer moves around and heads towards the Narn vessel, that still tries to get behind the station.

Aymes: “Sir, we are in firing position!”
Vassiliev: “Wait a second.”
McFerson: “Energy spike, their powering up weapons and firing!”
Vassiliev: “Fire!”

The Nova opens fire with its forward guns and hits the Narn vessel in the aft section. One of the G’Quan’s three engines heats up and explodes.
Meanwhile, the Narn continue firing on the outpost, where they cut off the station’s secondary cargo bays.

Aymes: “Narn vessel taking heavy damage.”
Vassiliev: “Target their weapon systems and disable them! Ivanova, call the ship again. If they do not surrender we destroy them.”
Ivanova: to Narn ship “Surrender or be destroyed!”

Officer #01: “Heavy damage to the engines, life support is near to collapse.”
G’Mak: “Keep on firing!”
Officer #02: “Sir, we will be destroyed if we do not stand down!”

A Raider fighter is shot by a Starfury and rams the Narn vessel. The bridge is hit. A large piece of steel kills G’Mak.

Officer #01: “G’Mak, G’Mak!”
Officer #02: “He’s dead, we should surrender!”
Officer #01: to Enforcer “This is the Narn vessel, we surrender. I repeat, we surrender!”

Max: “Damn it, they did surrender! Jump back to Hyperspace!”
Weapons Officer: “Sir, the fighters!”
Max: “To hell with them, jump!”
Nav Officer: “Jumping now.”

A jump point forms and the carrier enters hyperspace.

McFerson: “Sir, the Raider carrier is escaping. It does not even take the fighter with it.”
Vassiliev: “Can we track them?”
McFerson: “I am afraid not. And we have our fighter out there and cannot leave them here.”
Vassiliev: “Right. Mr. Sostchenko, report!”
Sostchenko (intercom): “We lost no single fighter, but eliminated all enemies. Right now we are securing the Narn vessel.”
Vassiliev: “Fine, return to base! Communication, call Earth Force command and request assistance. We need to continue our patrol run!”

One hour later. Again, the officers assembled in the briefing room.

Vassiliev: “We are waiting for the EAS Amundsen. When Captain Dexter Smith arrives, we will take course for Sector 89, where we will take on a diplomatic assignment. I have to say, that we worked quite good with each other. But I think we should have a unofficial meeting outside the C&C and the briefing room together, so I recommend an evening in the mess hall for the command staff only. That includes you, too, Ensign Ivanova!”

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