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Short Stories by JMS

SamsomaelSamsomael Earthforce Officer
Hi All,

Does anyone know where the short stories JMS wrote for Amazing Tales can be found on-line? Having a little trouble locating the specific issues here in Aussie land :).


  • DarthCaligulaDarthCaligula Elite Ranger
    All I can think of would be Ebay.
  • The Cabl3 GuyThe Cabl3 Guy Elite Ranger
    I don't know but I do know where your avatar is from. Its either Dan millman's Journey of Socrates or shogun.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Back to topic, another idea is to investigate local magazine dealers or even Sci-Fi conventions.
  • SamsomaelSamsomael Earthforce Officer
    Thanks guys, I figured that would be the case. I'll just have to keep keeping an eye out :/.

    So that's where the avatar is from, I just did a search and there it was.
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