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fuck my head aches

Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
since last friday.. and it fucking aches. feel like throwing up most of the time.


  • My life for a long time was kinda like walking in the middle of a desert falling down a 40 ft deep pit and trying to struggle back to the top. Except everytime you managed to get close to the top you fall back down. So you go deeper into the pit finally you find this huge window with the rest of the world in it. All ya do is stare out the window WATCHING, waiting...Occasionally someone will throw down a rope but you don't go up the rope cause now your watching the window and you don't want to leave the window! and theres rabbits lots of fucking rabbits in the hole! So you eat the poor bastards and well ya know how rabbit tastes...JUST LIKE CHICKEN! YEah you'll get get a cig or two so your just eating rabbit, smoking cigarretes, eating rabbits, smoking cigarretes. Finally after about 4 years you go up the rope find this rose, A desert rose...You pick the rose, Go home and tell everybody yeah I've been in this pit in the middle of the desert, looking out a window, smoking cigarretes, eating rabbits and yeah I picked a rose...

    Oh yeah sorry about your headache if your getting blindness its defineatly a migraine. Might want to get some drugs for that.
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    Maybe I masturbate too much.
  • Yeah I tell ya what damn meds im on now...KILL MY SEX DRIVE. I have to wait like 3 days to make love to my hands. Yes thats right NOW I HAVE TO USE BOTH HANDS!
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