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Where are all the warships in BSG

MatthewMatthew Earthforce Officer
All this BSG talk as well as the game BtRL has reminded me of a glaring fact.
Mainly that there insufficient number of war ships shown in the show. Despite all the lip service paid about other types of ships in the fleet we have only seen battlestars. It really strikes me what a grand acheivement B5 was in comparsion even by season2 B5 had heaps of ships displayed by comparison.
My main beef is back in the introductory movie the shows writers kept to the original series history by saying there were on 12 battlestars. I dont know about you but if theres 12 planets loaded with people where a small percentage serve in the military I don't think you could squezze all the military personnel available aboard those 12 ships. So by logical extrension there must be a massive number of additional/supporting ships. The bare minimum ships needed would be some sort of destroyer/cruiser.
I accept that production emphasis would shift to battlestars but it doesn't makesense to abandon building a smaller war ship. I don't see current navies building only carriers. Also you want your cmdrs to have experience commanding smaller crews before you let them loose on a battlestar.
Plus a cruiser/destroyer would make a excellent escort ship much better than a few vipers ignoring the fact such a ship could FTL jump with the ship its protecting.
The whole thing seems to be a cost cutting exercise.


  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    Actually, in the miniseries, they said there were 12 Battlestars built in the first batch, during the original Cylon war. They later said that there were about 120 Battlestars in the modern fleet. That doesn't even count the smaller ships we know exist, but have yet to see.

    Well, mostly. A fan design, the "Defender" was slipped into the Fleet on the show (minus an underslung flightpod on the original design). It's speculated that it was an older warship that was demilitarized and sold to on civilian entity or another.
  • Vorlons in my HeadVorlons in my Head The Vorlons told me to.
    There were 12 of the original galactica type of battlestars built during the first war, one for each colony. Thats not the total of battlestars built. It mentioned at points throughtout the mini that at least 60 or so battlestars destroyed in the first wave and about a total of 120 destroyed overall. Its not expanded on whether there were any other class of ships because the mini doesn't really focus on that. The galactica universe is fairly simple in that respect. There just seem to be different battlestar classes. We can probably assume there were more classes of ships but they just don't go into that.
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    I think all the capital ships are referred to as battlestars.

    Remember in Star Trek, anything larger than a runabout is a starship, from the Defiant to the Enterprise-E.

  • MatthewMatthew Earthforce Officer
    Haven't seen the defender.
    This post evolved from a argument I had with a unpleasent person who indicated that with 120 battlestars they was no need for any other ship. Plus it didn't matter as the fleet was destroyed.
    Unfortunately they will probably do a Star Trek and label anything battlestar. It just as I like to see something different.
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