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Babylon 5 movie CONFIRMED !!!!!



  • Hmmm. been here before ...
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    Sure looks like JMS keeps blowing on the cold embers of a B5 fire that has died a few years ago. I agree, he probably should move on. The show has run its course. The cast has moved on or crossed to the other side.
  • JackNJackN <font color=#99FF99>Lightwave Alien</font>
    Neither will ever be the same as what we remembered though.
  • FreezeFreeze Disguised as a Trainee
    I have to say that I go with the flow here ... seen many news about possible B5 -movies, but not quite sure if I'm _that_ excited about the specific B5 genre anymore. If the movie ever comes out, I'm gonna see it though. :D

    BTW - nice to see you again, alien.
  • sataicallistasataicallista High Priestess of Squeee!
    I'm not sure how I feel but I'll go see it
  • I think that starting a movie In medias res at the battle of the line wouldn't be a bad idea. And then we can discover the Valen thing along with Sinclair.

    Plot could involve a group of rouge firstones coming back from beyond the rim. Rest of the story arcs could take place at different times (think alt shadow war in which the station is destroyed if the crew doesn't bring B4 back).
  • I still say the original idea might be cool, except maybe not so much of the space Jesus stuff with Sinclair and his kid.
  • By the way, do many of you know about the original plan yet? For example, the fact that B4 was in fact not going back in time originally?
    I still need to rewatch the first season with the original plan in mind..... I can't believe I haven't done that yet. I did watch a few, with Soul Hunter and Babylon Squared having some REALLY interesting stuff with the different meanings everything originally had, especially the stuff with Delenn and the Grey Council.
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    I watched Babylon Squared a few weeks ago and it has a very different meaning to it when you know what they were planning for Sinclair if he stayed through the series.
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