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Babylon 5 reboot by JMS!

PJHPJH The Lovely Thing
Hi all, if anyone is still visiting here and reading this forum I'm posting this news I noticed today. JMS is doing a Babylon 5 reboot! This is great news, although it's a bit vague to me what it's going to actually be about. Anyway, here is a small article about it.


  • CactusheadCactushead Earthforce Officer beyond the rim
    the news made me peek out from beyond the rim

    pretty early to know exactly where JMS is going with this reboot - but fingers crossed he will do the firstones proud.
  • TycoTyco Ranger Texas
    First thing I thought of was if this place would get more traffic with the news. Sounds like JMS has contacted a few of the old cast, I can’t wait to see what goes down.
  • CactusheadCactushead Earthforce Officer beyond the rim
    I think people use the discord more now
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
  • PJHPJH The Lovely Thing
    Unfortunately one place reported it would be a remake of the whole original series. I mean... what!?!? I just can't understand this. We have waited all these years to get something new B5 and this is what we get, a remake of the 5 seasons of the original series, the same story we've already seen with new actors and VFX?!? And the original was a masterpiece in every way. I don't want to see another version of it. Unless this news is wrong, but so far it seems so. Just what the heck JMS!?!?
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    I think it is more like the bsg reboot. The big general beats of the arc will be the same, but that will be it. So it will not be the same exact story. I'll copy what I posted on reddit.

    "Depending on the generation you talk to, almost everyone in the US at least knows of Luke, Kirk, the Force, and the Enterprise. As bleh as it was there was a reason why Burnhem in Discovery was linked to Spock, and TNG, DS9 and Voyager's first episodes had cameos from a member or location of the previous series. For a fan it might be annoying, but for the average viewer I would argue such things are important to help them link what they are watching to their limited knowledge of the show's universe.

    Babylon 5's mythos never integrated into popular culture.

    Sci fi fandom is also its own worse enemy. Look at any prequel that has been made. Discovery has plenty of other problems with the show, but look at the ruckus from the initial announcement that it took place before TOS.

    jms intentionally wrote himself into a corner. B5 faded from in-universe relevance in the 15 years after Objects at Rest to keep anyone from taking a sequel show away from him. The result was that it becomes difficult to do any further stories at a familiar location. In turn B5 faded from relevance in our universe.

    There is also the idea of the ship or station as a character. Academically a reboot of crusade would interest me alot. Emotionally I never got attached to the ship or its crew. Emotionally? I want to return to the station. I want to see Babylon 5 again."

    and from another poster

    "this is easier to market. Existing Fans will watch anyway, but its easier to get a new fan if there wasn't 5 1/2 years of series + a few telemovies + a failed pilot + a direct to DVD movie of backwatching to do."

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