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some easy stuff for active Firstones

shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter

I need to fill out the appedices of my 'opus'. What I'm looking for is a fairly comprehensive bibliography, lists of urls, books and other reference where someone with little knowledge of B5 could look.

I'm probably not interested in the fringe stuff.. the fanboy sites etc. Good solid and for the most part atleast, Canon sources.

I want basically a big collected B5 bible.

So please, even if they are dead obvious to you.. list off the good B5 places and things you know of. Please stuff this thread to the proverbial gills... so I can sift it and utilize what suits the purpose.

As far as the survey goes... I'm working on it. It has bugs and Striker is busy with the roach spray between more pressing engagements.
Please be patient while its sorted...


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  • [url=""]B5 Info[/url]
    [url=""]Pak'ma'ra crap[/url]


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  • BekennBekenn Sinclair's Duck
    Well, you can never go wrong with The Lurker's Guide.

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  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    I was going to suggest the Lurker's Guide as well. It has just about everything you could want.

    [b][url=""]Required reading[/url][/b]
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  • CactusheadCactushead Earthforce Officer beyond the rim
    How about up-to-date info on the man himself at [url=""][/url]
    If you're interested in the music of B5 then a visit to the [url=""]Christopher Franke[/url] Home Page at sonicimages might interest you.
    And most peoples first port of call is normally [url=""]the official Babylon 5[/url] website.
    And I couldn't omit to pimp the [url=""]Babylon 5 : Into the Fire[/url] SETI team webpage. I would give you the actual team website but I'm still working on the new site.
    And a good read is the [url=""]officer's journal[/url] at
    If you want a list of hundreds of B5 website then [url=""]Peter's Babylon 5 Index Pages[/url] can help you out. There are good and bad in here but it should take you a while to check them all out.
    And who could forget the [url=""][/url] website.
    Another site for those of you interested in B5 music - [url=""]music of b5[/url]
    How about news and info from the [url=""]Zocalo Today[/url] at

    That list should hopefully keep you going for a while.

    Cactushead ~ The spiky headed one
    [url=""]Team B5:ITF[/url] ~ on their search beyond the rim
  • Entil'ZhaEntil'Zha I see famous people
    [quote]Originally posted by Bekenn:
    [b]Well, you can never go wrong with The Lurker's Guide.


    There's also the B5 Encyclopedia [url=""][/url]

    info on just about everything B5
  • In BetweenIn Between The Ultimate Lurker
    B5 quotes. Searchable data base.

    Have fun.
  • psycopsyco Ranger
    The B5 sound archive.
  • shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter
    Thanks fellas... keep goin [img][/img]
  • whitestar90whitestar90 Elite Ranger
    [url=""][/url] has nice pictures of ships from various races..

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    [url=""]I've Found Her-Babylon 5 free game[/url]
  • Who's got the link for Babylon Park ? [img][/img]
  • I'm surprised nobody came up with: [url=""][/url]

    Or: [url=""][/url]
  • RhettRhett (Not even a monkey) [img][/img]

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  • samuelksamuelk The Unstoppable Mr. 'K'
    While I hate to put all my eggs in one basket, I'd have to say that the Lurker's Guide is the definitive web-based source of Babylon 5 information.
  • JohnDJohnD Ranger
    [quote]Originally posted by Entil'Zha:
    [b] There's also the B5 Encyclopedia
    info on just about everything B5[/b][/quote]

    ...and the absolutely last place you want to go, if you're talking about semi-canon B5 stuff. Absolutely horrible, IMO.
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