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  • If you're still unsure whether you liked this movie or not, here's a review that says how things really are. Spot on. [URL=""]Avatar review part 1[/URL] [URL="…
    in Avatar Comment by Ledi February 2010
  • Well then. This "series" actually managed to do something where others have failed; I had to stop watching the pilot half way through. Horrible. *shivers*
    in Caprica Comment by Ledi February 2010
  • So... SG: Poo. Mostly sucks, doesn't it? Who knew they'd actually make a spinoff from the SG-1 Episode 200, "Teengate" or whatever it was. Too many problems, too many bad characters, not enough...goodness. The Good seems to be missing. And the…
  • What's with the rumours about a re-cast?! [URL=""]Link[/URL] Me no likey!
  • I Am Legend had loads of potential. Will Smith was awesome. It was visually pretty, zombies were as poor as poor can get though... At first I thought I might enjoy this movie. It had that "good movie" feel to it. Then it just turned bad. For me, …
  • I've found Heroes' second season a bit poor compared to the superior first one. I mean, nothing spectacular happening, nothing that keeps you watching it. The mexicans are dull as pants. Sylar, well, has done nothing. Hiro's adventures were fun a…
    in Heroes Comment by Ledi October 2007
  • In my opinion they just should've ended it after the 2nd season. I still think it's one of the best series out there, but can it show us anything spectacular anymore? They get caught and try to escape again in season 3 and 4? Oh nice!
  • [URL=]Every WoW-fan must've seen this already, but still loads of fun[/URL]
  • [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sinclair [/i] [B]I mean, I have no idea who charlize whatever really is, but I do know that HBO does quality shows. [/B][/QUOTE] Charlize Theron = Oscar winner, B5... never. HBO = Superb TV-series, but no scif…
  • When you read "Charlize Theron" and "HBO" and still think it's true... Well, what I mean is that no true B5-fan would believe that ;)
  • [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Cabl3 Guy [/i] [B] Writing questions... I know he doesn't like getting stuff submitted mostly for legal reasons but if possible is their a way we could share our ideas & possibly in collaboration with othe…
  • Or then just: "Zerg - Hydralisk"? :eek:
  • [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by E.T [/i] Guess what this is: [url][/url][/QUOTE] A bottle of Finlandia Vodka! Must be! Now that makes you feel warm...
  • I did a low-poly cause I'm not ready for something hardcore ;) I used LightWave 8 and PSP 8 for the textures. I wasn't bothered to add those very small squares on the texture, so I bumped the surface a bit, although it's doesn't look too origin…
    in B5 Station Comment by Ledi November 2004
  • Mielestäni crusade on ollut PALJON huonompi kuin Babylon 5. A Call to Arms oli vielä erittäin hyvä. crusade muistuttaa liikaa voyageria
    in Crusade? Comment by Ledi May 2000
  • Mutta eikö nykyteknologialla voitaisi rakentaa suurin osa ihmisten aluksista B5 universumissa. Paitsi moottorit voisivat olla ongelma.
    in Juoni... Comment by Ledi May 2000