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Mod Updates!

Sins of a Solar Empire:
SteinerX has been working on bringing Babylon 5 to the Sins of a Solar Empire universe, there is already a playable alpha on the website, and frequent updates.
[URL=""]Check it out![/URL]

X3: Terran Conflict - A Dream Given Form
The team is nearing a demo release, there have been a few hurdles but they are quickly overcoming them and preparing a demo consisting of all EA space (And yes, that includes Epsilon 3, and the Babylon 5 station). Be sure to check out the screen shots section, as new renderings and screen shots get posted unannounced. :)
[URL=""]Demo Progress Thread[/URL]

Homeworld 2 - War Without End
The latest round of SVN updates added weapons to Babylon 5 itself. Currently only the Minbari and EA have been added, but don't let that dissuade you from trying it out. This is perhaps the best looking Homeworld 2 mod out there, and it rocks.
[URL=""]Updates on ModDB[/URL]


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