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Trans siberian express

Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
Anyone ever take it? How was it?

I'm kinda tired.. and was watching An Idiot Abroad. And hey.. the show spoke to me.

So, I figure as I am going to Asia for a trip or what the hey later this year, september/october to be precise, figured why not try the train thingy for the first time in my life too. Live a little.

Couple hundred euros cheaper than flying based on what I've read. Sure, takes about 20 times longer, but for experiences like that, its nothing.


  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    I've almost been on a trans sexual express, but that's a story for another time.

  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    That's a train I plan on taking one day.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    The trans sexual express? How does that work in a nutrient tank? Or do I not want to know?

  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    I suspect knowing would require a double lobotomy.
  • Its a train, what can you expect from a train?
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    You may want to check out [URL=""]this old documentary[/URL]. It's from 1996 and I bet not much has changed since, except everyone and everything in it got 15 years older. ;)
  • Spotted from todays newsfeed (Finnish):

    Briefly in english: It was a train.
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    Reading the whole story, looks like someone did not do their research before the trip and blame everyone but themselves for any problems they have had.. :)
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    Besides, its russia.. how can anyone expect anything else than crappy out dated shit? :P
  • JackNJackN <font color=#99FF99>Lightwave Alien</font>
    [QUOTE=Biggles;194715]That's a train I plan on taking one day.[/QUOTE]

    Hopefully not at the same time as Lord Refer... ;)
  • I would get a sleeper car and fun female for the trip
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