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How Many Firstones Still Lurking . . .?

:vorlon: ?

The site looks great almost 13 years after ITF cancellation . . .


  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    I have always been here...
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    There's still life in the old girl yet!
  • SpiritOneSpiritOne Magneto ABQ NM
    I know Im not an original member, but Ive been hanging out here for quite a while now.
  • Well I'm not technically a firstone, but I am by proxy through my brother, and I was an active participant on the ITF Sierra boards as well.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
  • DarthCaligulaDarthCaligula Elite Ranger
    Uh, do I count?
  • That is a really good showing. Anybody keep up with news regarding any potential future shows or dvds in the b5 realm? I am totally lost...been standing in the light for too long.
  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    News pops up occasionally. None of it ever seems to amount to anything, though.
  • SpiritOneSpiritOne Magneto ABQ NM
    I follow JMS on facebook, that's about it though. He rarely talks B5.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Sad to say but I think B5 is a happy memory now
  • C_MonC_Mon A Genuine Sucker
    Maybe it will return as an remake in 30 years.
  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    I'm hoping Ted Turner will see my stalled VFX remake project and give me a huge team and a bundle of money to make a blu-ray version of the show.
  • Lets see more of that new sfx!

    And I don't think Ted Turner actually owns any movie/tv stuff anymore.
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    I'm not going anywhere :)
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    I'm still checking in once in a while. I just looked on Joe's filmography on IMDb and it's been 5 years already since "B5: The Lost Tales" and he keeps focusing on other projects that are apparently closer to his heart. I've been wondering why he keeps "wasting" his time with other stuff, and then I look at where he comes from, professionally and then I'm thinking, B5 was more like something of a fluke than by design or a logical progression. The only thing that could happen is if someone else would pick up the reigns on the B5 universe and run with it. I'm not talking about re-imagining but fleshing out a lot more of the station, the other races, the wars. I suppose in time this may happen because there is so much more to tell.

    No one is left to breathe on the remaining embers... so it is time to start a new fire. ;) It happened with ST and SW, I don't see why it couldn't happen here some time in the future.

    Anyway, as long as the server's running, I'll keep dropping by.
  • DarthCaligulaDarthCaligula Elite Ranger
    I still say that I'm fine with B5 being over. I really didn't care for The Lost Tales. All I'd really be interested in would be a computer/video game.
  • CurZCurZ Resident Hippy
    I doubt there will be any more B5. I'm fine with that now.
  • Lord RefaLord Refa Creepy, but in a good way
    I've been fine without any more B5 for a long time. Still here tho, I think this place has become a bit more than B5 as it were.

    I mean, I've got Zocalo bookmarked on all my gadgets, and still come here from time to time to see if any signs of life. :P
  • BartiBarti Trainee
    Still lurking around - same as ever really :)
  • Alpha-1Alpha-1 Elite Ranger Germany
    i'm still arround here
  • I still lurk periodically. Been watching B5 all over again lately, watching a couple of episodes a night and figured I would check back in here.
  • bobobobo (A monkey)
    Lurking down below
  • MrMilliMrMilli Earthforce Officer
    Saw this and thought I might see if my account still exists, shockingly it does :)
  • TycoTyco Ranger Texas
    I still check in on occasion...
  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    MrMilli, given the crap the site has been through with hackings and awful software over the past year, I think any of our accounts still existing is a partly a miracle. (The other part is thanks to the huge effort put in by Random Chaos.)
  • purple!
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
  • CurZCurZ Resident Hippy
    Burnt umber!
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
  • HuntSmackerHuntSmacker Firstones Ambassador to Starcraftia
    Lurk lurk. Ugh I still hate this template :/
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