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Torchlight 2

So anyone else playing this gem?

I was really looking forward to Diablo 3, but the demo felt like a let down, and I wound up never purchasing the full game upon release after several of my friends who did said not to.

Torchlight 2? Loving it! So much bigger and more diverse than the first. Multiplayer was a must for this game I think, and it delivered it well.

Very much worth the $20 I have in it.


  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    It certainly seems like the Torchlight series is attracting more praise than whatever Diablo has turned into. Although I'm not a fan of hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers, even I've been tempted by the first Torchlight.
  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    Aren't some of the original Diablo devs involved in Torchlight? I'm still waiting for the Mac version to play - it's expected in the next couple months.
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