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If you liked Mekuri Master...

So I was looking up a Japanese artist I like by using Google with the kanji for his name (a wonderful technique I've discovered. If you can put things in other languages, you can find some very interesting things) and I find out that he's still doing work and there's this video game he did the art for. Good for him I think, and I look it up a bit. I look for anything on Youtube to see if anyone has video of the gameplay, and find this. I give you Akiba's Trip (Warning, NSFW): [URL][/URL] I'd suggest you watch it before reading on.

So yes, some bizzare game where you play a guy who's a vampire and goes around fighting vampire girls by stripping them naked. At least he's also beaten by being stripped naked! So apparently part of the game is running around a city throwing girls to the ground and stipping them to check for vampire marks. Only in Japan. I've got a strong feeling that this game is not going to make it to the US. And yes, of course, the name is a play on words. The logo for the name has the "S" in "Akiba's" in a red square so it also looks like the name of the game is Akiba Strip.
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