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So what has everyone been doing during the long sleep?

FreejackFreejack Jake the Not-so-Wise
Just curious how everyone's life has progressed, the good, the bad, etc?

In the past 3 years, I seperated from my wife of 12 years, changed employers, bought a new house, reconnected with an amazing woman whom I knew in grade school, had said amazing woman move in with me, gotten divorced, gone on a cruise and gotten married to the aforemention amazing woman (did I mention she is amazing).



  • FreezeFreeze Disguised as a Trainee
    Bought a newer car. Moved twice within 30 km radius. It's amazing! :D
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    I get the impression she's amazing Freejack!

    Not a lot exciting has been happening here during the Long Sleep. Moved twice, then bought a house last year, and now am 2hrs away from moving to the other end of the country for a new job in London that is a promotion. Down side, I'm about to live closer to Worf, but it's an imperfect world! ;)
  • Man, haven't done much. Moved out of home? Started recording my musical, even though I wrote it over 3 years ago.
  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    Finally became a real teacher, done three tough mudders, survived a school shooting, got a dog.
  • SpiritOneSpiritOne Magneto ABQ NM
    Well, it's funny you got divorced in the last 3 years.

    In the last 3 years I have been laid off, had my wife of 13 years start divorce proceedings on me about 30 days after she graduated college, moved 3 times trying to get my shit back together because there is NO way to describe my actions during the divorce as anything but bad. Had to endure one of my best friends committing suicide.

    Eventually settled in New Mexico near a really good friend. Got a good job again, working, things were getting better. I met an amazing woman who I was in a relationship with for about 15 months, we had moved in together earlier this year. She was an EMS Flight Paramedic. She was killed early morning July 17th when the helicopter she was in crashed into a mesa in eastern New Mexico. And yet shortly after that my ex wife screwed up big with her fiance who was arrested for a sexual crime he committed when he was a kid (I still don't understand how, but I also don't care), so now my kids live with me pretty much full time.

    I've had the support of Rebecca's mother, and quite a few of her friends. I'm getting through it ok. I certainly wasn't looking for some kind of relationship yet, but in the last month I've met a girl who has come into my life and been very uplifting. She completely understands my situation and were moving slowly, but she seems quite wonderful, and I think there might be something there.

    I'm thankful my kids are here full time now. It keeps from crawling back into the dark places I was in after my divorce. And Beccas friends have been huge in helping me too. I actually had lunch with a few of them the other day to ask about this new girl before I did something I didn't think I should do, and they all looked at me said that I know dam well she would want me to be happy. So I'm trying to go slow, and see what's there. She's really sweet and she seems really into me which is odd because she's really pretty and well, I'm not.
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Jeez some of you guy have really been through the wringer! Hope you're all doing ok!
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    edited October 2014
    Time goes by. People die. Babies are born. Pets die. Governments change. Wars go on. Web sites go down. People make bad decisions. Couples get married or divorced. The endless circle of life continues.

    I've had some highs and a few lows over the last few years as well. Always nice to move into your own home, meet your soul mate. Always sad to go to a funeral of someone nearly your own age due to illness. The passing of a pet dog. Nothing unusual yet something we sooner or later all experience at some point.
  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    My life has been pretty standard and dull by comparison to SpiritOne and Freejack's, but I suppose that shows the truth of the "interesting times" saying. I may have a permanent job within a year.

    SpiritOne: Of course you're not pretty. The standard adjective used to describe men is "handsome."
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    I'm ruggedly handsome
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    edited October 2014
    Isn't that how Richard "Captain Tightpants" Castle describes himself? lol
  • David of MacDavid of Mac Elite Ranger Ca
    I moved from Florida to California on a wing and a prayer, and found a steady 3D job just before I would have to go back home and figure out something else to do with my life. So, that's fun.
  • FreejackFreejack Jake the Not-so-Wise
    Yeah, divorces are are a bitch, even when it's amicable. The emotional termoil is so high that it is very hard to do things in your own best interest and often the things that seemed right at the point she walks out are often ridiculous and counter-productive in the long run. I my case, I tried to be the better person throughout and that cost me in terms of the outcomes of our final divorce agreement.

    The huge upside is that through the process, I learned a whole lot about myself, who I wanted to be and what qualities I most value in a mate. I also was able to indentify the mistakes I made and in what ways I was going to avoid those in my next relationship. I then got very lucky to reconnect with an old schoolmate who had tread a similar path relationship wise. Melissa is truely an amazing spirit and very much my soulmate. My only regret in all of this is that I didn't realize how much she liked me 25 years ago in middle school, but I don't think either one of us were the same person then.


  • SpiritOneSpiritOne Magneto ABQ NM
    I agree in that I learned a lot about myself as well. What kind of person I want to be, how to interact with a partner in an actual loving relationship. In the end, it cost me a lot of money. But I'm in a better place personally than I was. Maybe not financially yet... ugh...

    Losing Becca has been really difficult. I think about her a lot. She had a difficult life before me, and I know she felt like I was her soul mate. I have regrets about things not done with her.

    This new relationship is turning into something very nice though. She's understanding and fun and forces me out of my funk. It's still new, so lots of time to figure it all out.

    @Biggles. no men aren't usually described as pretty. But I think I made the point.

    The best way I've been able to describe it is I feel kinda like I'm living the plot of every sitcom ever. The one where the average looking guy who's never gotten the really hot girl finally has one fawning all over him and it's confusing and strange and awesome all at once.

    I seriously have no other way to describe it.
  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    Yes, it seems like you've wasted part of your life on somebody else, but you didn't know this ahead of time. Nobody does. I recall couples who got married right out of highschool. I doubt many are still together, but I could be wrong. C'est la vie!
  • CanavandriveCanavandrive Registered User
    The last 4 years for me were remarkably good.
    Mom passed away 3 years ago.
    Hit me hard, woke me up, started doing yoga regularly.
    I moved out to california after, built a woodshop, started experimenting with guitar crafting.
    Its a lot less complicated then i thought it was experience is a big player in wood working.
    So far one guitar built, two in the works.
    Had a batman psychotic break that was soo much fun.
    though was a few clicks short of the actual batcave.
    Got shot at by a dude with a glock or something.
    Anyway other then that bought and then lost a car.
    Also found a measure of truth that was terribly sad but eye opening.
    Now back in NY pending return to Cali but dont want to return empty handed.

  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    I find your lack of batcave disturbing
  • Lets see...Got married a couple years ago (you all knew that though). Got a new job at a marketing firm as a designer / front end developer.

    Bought a house, fixed it up some and moved in. Got more involved at church, running sound (which is a lot of fun, learning a lot about stage audio doing this).

    And on Monday, starting another new job as the Front End Developer of a startup. :)
  • FreezeFreeze Disguised as a Trainee
    A2597 - I do remember, hope everything is smooth. Although, I'd like to quote a finnish forum I'm an user in .... "Pics or it did not happen"
  • what? Pics from the wedding? ;)

    And yea, loving the married life! :D
  • FreezeFreeze Disguised as a Trainee
    Congrats, mate' :)
  • FreejackFreejack Jake the Not-so-Wise
    Man, you got married in black and white? So did we!


  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    Freejack was married on a casual Friday it seems. ;-) Nice touch breaking with tradition. I don't like to get dolled up either. lol
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    Freejack, I like how the photos are black and white except for the mostly green flowers :)
  • FreejackFreejack Jake the Not-so-Wise
    We'll given that we got married at my parents farm, my mom performed the ceremony and we had the reception in my dad's shop...I'd say it was a pretty casual affair, which was by design. We had a damn good time anyway!

  • StingrayStingray Elite Ranger
    As it should be! :-)
  • ShadowDancerShadowDancer When I say, "Why aye, gadgie," in my heart I say, "Och aye, laddie." London, UK
    Would have been better if the flowers were purple
  • GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn!!!!!
  • JackNJackN <font color=#99FF99>Lightwave Alien</font>
    edited November 2014
    Been a steady increase in normality since 2008 for me when I was really sick. Had quite a few surgeries and prescriptions over the course of the last 6 years. Off of pain meds finally, and that has been the biggest and best change in my mental state and response to every day life.

    Still married, see no change in that part for the future. :)

    Don't do much 3D these days, but that may change a bit...

    Amazing to watch you youngsters grow up in the last 15 years... :p

    Did I mention I have two great Dogs?
  • WORFWORF The Burninator
    Thought I'd answered here :)

    I've made three seasons of an animated webseries (go watch it!)
    Gotten into costuming in a big way
    Made a whole group of new friends which is nice
    Met my girlfriend thorugh said group of friends
    Spent far too much money on Star Citizen
    Missed this place
  • In BetweenIn Between The Ultimate Lurker
    Pretty boring here. Moved away from the San Francisco to a small town in N California. Still have the same wonderful woman of 16 years and counting. Left a job and lost a job. A friend committed suicide another died of a heart attack (40years old) and two of them got married with wonderful kids.
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