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G'Quan vs. the Shadows

This is something I thought about today while bored. In the show, it's stated that the Shadows used the Narn homeworld as one of their many bases during the Shadow War 1,000 years ago, and that G'Quan used telepaths to fight back, so then the Shadows exterminated all Narn telepaths and their families. But from what I understand, the Narns were supposed to be pre-industrial before the Centauri showed up about 100-200 years before the show starts. So I was wondering, how could the Narns possibly have done any real damage to the Shadows back then? I understand that the telepaths would mess with the minds of the living beings that the Shadows used as CPUs, but the technology of the Shadows would be so ridiculously far beyond the Narns that they'd practically be gods in comparison, so it seems like there is only so much the Narns could do. Once they mess with the Shadow ships, what's next? Just think about how hard it would be for them to destroy a modern tank.

Or could it be that the Shadows used living beings for things like security systems as well, so then the telepaths could interfere with that and then get into Shadow compounds and sabotage things? I'm still trying to understand how the Narns could damage much when the Shadows are so massively beyond them. From what G'Kar says, it suggests that G'Quan and his followers were able to fight back against the Shadows and actually hurt them, so that's why the Shadows retaliated by exterminating the telepaths, and they ended up leaving the planet likely because around then it became clear that they had lost this particular proxy war with the Vorlons, and it was time to retreat and hide ships across the galaxy to get ready for the next eventual war when they'd wake up from hibernation.

So what do you all think? Does this plot point make more sense than I'm giving it credit for?


  • croxiscroxis I am the walrus
    There is a short story out there that there are three fundamental technologies that all civilizations discover int heir stone age, fire, agriculture, and antigravity. Somehow humans missed the last one. Aliens came by and discovered that we missed something so basic, so they decided to invade. They landed in wooden ships and began attacking with bows and arrows, we responded with f-16 and tanks.

    We often think of technology as a physical thing, but it is also ideas and skills as well. The idea of numerical places, vs how the romans did it, is a type of technology that opens up a whole plethora of math and modeling.

    Telepathic technology could of been very formidable on narn (thanks to vorlon meddling) and shadows seem to be very biotech so there could of been a chance.

    It is also possible that g'quan lost and the shadows only left because they lost the greater war.
  • I suppose that it could have been as simple as the telepaths messing with Shadow ships while they're in the air, making them fall, and the force of impact from the fall could damage the ships, so then the Shadows would get sick of these telepaths, so then they exterminate all of them and their families. Then the Shadows leave Narn because they're losing the Shadow War, mainly because of Valen making alliances that are able to fight them off and such.
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