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Where to download Babylon 5 music?

Hello friends...

I used to have a lot of B5 stuff, including models, sounds, etc. I lost most of them over the years but I didn't much care - I assumed it will always be out there in some form or another.

I'm starting to realize just how terribly wrong I was.

Before christmas, for example, I wanted to make a short animation with some planets and spaceshipts. The idea sunk when I wasn't able to find even a Brakiri cruiser which I had in about four versions, now all gone. Not to mention the Sharlin cruisers of Fabio Passaro... or the White Star just to name a few. And I won't even go as far as saying how I only have the reactor assembly of my 3DS max B5 model remaining... But enough of that. You get the picture. I got uninterested for years, then I got sloppy and I lost stuff which meant to me more than I realized... Backups, people. Do backups!... But... My problem.

However, what I came here to ask is this: Do any of you know a good place to get the files that were on the "musicofb5" site?

Can't seem to find them anywhere I can look...

I would appreciate if you could help me in this...

Take care.


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