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Into The Fire Help

CactusheadCactushead Earthforce Officerbeyond the rim
Just a quick update on the status of the Babylon 5 : Into the Fire SETI team.
Basically I've found a new host for the website and am currently doing tons of work for the backend of the site. The site will have a complete revamp (long overdue) and should suffer from none of the database connection problems which occurred in the old - but still running - [url=""]site[/url].
So basically - new host, new domain, new design, new functionality and new spoo (Well I've got to eat haven’t I [img][/img])

Anyway, What I really want is some help from you lot in finding a valid and current email for John Walker and/or Vassily Filippov who were AI Programmer and Programmer for Sierra in the good old days, and also the creators of the Babylon 5 : Into the Fire SETI team. If you could help me out on this I'd be very grateful as I've been trying for quite some time to track them down with no luck.

I'll be working away on the new website for the foreseeable future so I'm sorry if the old site may suffer from less data updates. I'll still try to do daily updates but the new site will take precedence.
I'll try keep you all informed on the progress of the site but in the mean time why not join up now. It is after all the biggest B5 SETI team in terms of members and will hopefully soon catch and overtake our rivals, the "Babylon 5" team who we already passed a few months ago. But due to a new member giving them 6000+ work units we are now again trailing [img][/img]

So join up now by visiting the old website [url=""]here[/url] and reading the guides.
And if you have any ideas or comments for the new website then just leave a message on our forums.

Cactushead ~ The spiky headed one
[url=""]Team B5:ITF[/url] ~ on their search beyond the rim

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  • BigglesBiggles <font color=#AAFFAA>The Man Without a Face</font>
    John posts here regularly (for a Vorlon). I'm sure he'll pop in and give you his email.

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  • shadow boxershadow boxer The Finger Painter & Master Ranter
    I'll give John a hedz-up....

    if he wants to talk to you I'm sure he'll relay his email to you
  • CactusheadCactushead Earthforce Officer beyond the rim
    cheers guys

    Cactushead ~ The spiky headed one
    [url=""]Team B5:ITF[/url] ~ on their search beyond the rim
  • Greetings --

    ShadowBoxer let me know I was being summoned. I noticed that my profile's email was broken... went to a web-only model (as opposed to being a repeater) and I lost interest in their 'service'. The new (well, current actually) is john&skyewalker,net (you know how to fix it).

    Cactushead: I would be happy to turn over the keys on the SETI team, if I can. Email me and we'll discuss.

    To everyone else, sorry for being absent; I'm under a lot of pressure at work again [img][/img] . If there is something specifically addressed to me or about ItF AI, please feel free to let me know via email. Thanks.

    -- john
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