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Issue with Wireless Desktop Elite

Okay, so I've spent the past two weeks searching google and microsoft, and spent a TON of time digging through the registry...

My volume hotkeys no longer work. I came back in from being out of town on Sunday Feb 13th. I had turned my computer off for the weekend...I turned it back on, everything's fine...oh, look, windows updates. okay, download 'em!! After I restarted post-update, I find that my volume hotkeys don't work...all of the other hotkeys work fine...but the volume ones do not. I think one of those updates screwed my registry. I uninstalled my Intellitype software and installed the newest intellitype drivers; still no effect.

The keyboard hasn't been dropped, spilled upon, heated to excess or anything like that. does anyone have any ideas? I'm about fresh out...I've been over the registry at least 5 times now, intimately

I have a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite keyboard and mouse.

Thanks crew!


  • Random ChaosRandom Chaos Actually Carefully-selected Order in disguise
    Go grab [url][/url] and take command of those special keys yourself instead of letting windows control them :)
  • resets my left/right fade everytime I change the volume, but it's definately an acceptable fix...thanks RC!!

    In true Computer geek fashion, I will still be fretting over what happened to my volume control, if anyone else has any ideas on that, or has had a similar problem, let me know!!
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